Monday, February 01, 2010

Southern Charm

Remember when Elizabeth and I did Project American Exchange?  Well, I managed to do it again!!  Kat saw me Tweeting about wanting Candy Cane Tootsie Pops and offered to share hers…but when we got talking we decided to do another cross-border exchange.

Kat was super on the ball and had her package off to me quite quickly, but being the slowpoke I am I think I sent hers the day before mine arrived.  Today Kat FINALLY got the package I sent her, so now I can FINALLY show you the loot she sent me! 


The Tootsie Pops that started it all.  Yes, they taste exactly like you imagine! 


I also asked her to dig up some of the new Dark Chocolate Coconut Kashi Bars because we couldn’t get them in Canada.  Funny enough, the stores started carrying them literally as hers were in transit.


Being the lovely Southern girl she is, she included some Southern treats…

015018 019020

Oh, and for fun…Poprocks!!!


These swaps are so fun!!  I already have another one lined up for later this month, and can’t wait to see what we can trade.  Too fun.  If anyone is interested in giving this a go, let me know!


Back to the real-deal…today.  Most of today was spent doing the usual Monday catch up on work.  Lunch was at my desk.

Homemade broccoli cheese soup (the cheese separated for some reason, but otherwise I’m pretty pleased with the soup!)…


With Kashi Honey Sesame crackers, carrot sticks, and yellow pepper strips…


After picking FH from work I wanted a snack to tide me over.  I eyed up the last cupcake but decided that would be better saved for dessert and opted for a green smoothie instead. 


In the KA today:  ice, 1/2 frozen banana, 2 tsp flax meal, 2 handfuls baby spinach, 8oz unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze.


So good!  Best smoothie I’ve made in a while.  Only thing that would make it better is some Amazing Meal, which I finally ordered today.  Yay!

Come dinner time, it was a chance to put the leftover pork loin roast to use.  Deeeeeelish sammiches on multigrain Italian bread.  I filled mine with greens, tomatoes, dijon mustard and light mayo.


Holy yum!


Served with mixed greens salad & a few slices of leftover sweet potatoes.


After a few chores and loose ends around the house it was dessert time!  I was sad to cut through the beautiful green icing on this Peppermint Patty cupcake…but happy to eat it!!  :)


Nom!!  The cupcakes have all now left the building.  I think I need a serious fruit intake to help balance out the white sugar high I’ve been on for the last three days.

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Natalie said...

I'm so glad those cupcakes have left the building. Every time I see one on your blog, I start drooling. My BD is next Monday and all I want is cupcakes. LOL...

Kat said...

Yay!! Thanks for being my buddy in my first-ever cross-border exchange!! I might've already polished off one of my Canadian goodies...but I shared! I did take pictures before I tore through it, though, so I'll post them tomorrow! :D

Jessica said...

I love them!! Thank you for starting them up!! :)

Anonymous said...

Funny, my husband & I were just talking about 80s food and he mentioned pop rocks, and I said I didn't think they made them any more. Guess they do! Come to think of it, though, they were actually a late 70s thing.

Your pork loin sandwich looks delish.

And hey, you're using one of my plates again! :-)

Kim said...

Seriously gorgeous cupcakes!

Laura said...

I love the idea of an exchange. I wouldnt even know what to pack from australia to send.

Bambi said...

Hey, I just found your blog through google recommends, I love it. Your salads look delicious, I forget how gorgeous vegetables look.
Erm, I would love to do a cross-country swap if you would like, however I live far away in the UK.