Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Tweet Buddy

It’s like a gym buddy, but on Twitter.  Someone to give you that motivation and push you need to get through a run.  That was Jess for me this morning.  I promised her 3 miles (5km for you us Canadians…lol) and although I totally ran out of time to complete those 3 miles I thought of her pushing me for the 2 miles I did complete!  Thanks Jess.  mwah.

Ya, so this morning we were up extra super duper early to drop FH off and then take some friends to the airport.  In the car we snacked on homemade granola bars


I’m so glad I remembered a pre-gym snack.  I needed it to power me through Intro to Iron Day Two and that run I mentioned.  Day two is legs…probably not the best day to try for a make-up run…lol…but I did it.  One mile before the strength session and the other mile after.

Just so you know:  I’m slow. 13 minute mile.  ha!  (and that is with an increase to 5mph from the 4.6mph I had been running for a few months).

When I got back to the house I went straight to the fridge for the breakfast cookie I had put together last night.  I love it when I remember to plan ahead.


Crazy cookie: 1/3 cup whole oats, 2 tsp flax meal, 1 tsp coconut, 1 tsp mini choco chips…


While mixing with a big splash of UCAB (chocolate instead of UVAB) I also decided to add 1 tsp cocoa powder and 1 tbsp protein powder.  Our bananas are all green or I would have added 1/2 of that too.

Topped with vanilla yogurt and hemp seeds


With coffee…


I felt hungry again about an hour later but I knew that was just my body digesting and continuing to cool down so I kept sipping my coffee and water and waited it out.  But as soon as the clock struck noon…look out!  Straight to the fridge to see what I could chow down.

Leftover Broccoli Soup.  It’s 10 days old…hmmmm…well if I don’t post later you know it was past due.  haha.


With Kashi Honey Sesame


And now it’s 2pm and I’m eyeing up some sort of fruity snack.  And I’m already thinking about that last piece of leftover pizza in the fridge…

…and wishing it was three pieces.

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Jenny said...

Yahoo for you and your run!!

The cookie looks so good, i love the idea of "icing" it with yogurt!

Jess said...

YAY! I'm so glad I could get you to keep going:) That's so awesome and I'm so proud of you!!

Well I think I'm going to give the breakfast cookie another go. Yours looks amazing. I will make it tonight or tomorrow and blog about it:)

Anonymous said...

That breakfast cookie looks yummy! Great job on your 2mile run!!

Espressomama said...

You're positively gazelle like compared to me.

Anonymous said...

Consider me on leftover broccoli soup watch. If I don't see a post from you tonight, I'm coming up there...

Anonymous said...

Consider me on leftover broccoli soup watch. If I don't see a post from you tonight, I'm coming up there...

Linda said...

aww :( reading your blog makes me very extremely unhealthy.

Julie said...

Nice job on the run! Your breakfast cookie looks so good!

CDS said...

Girl, I just wanted to let you know there is no shame in running slow! Just keep at it! Progress not perfection!

(32down15togo on twitter just in case you need another tweet buddy)

Adrien said...

I'm happy you found me- and I've now found you! Great blog! Love the colours (oh yes- Canadian spelling!)