Sunday, February 14, 2010

What happened to Saturday?

It’s been a fairly action-packed couple of days, but while FH is on the phone chatting with his little boy I thought I’d try to catch up a bit.

After staying up til after 1am Friday evening watching the Opening Ceremonies (which were a bit of a let down, I’m not gonna lie.  Who picked out Nelly Furtado’s outfit?  Pamela Anderson?) I tried to sleep in a bit. 

Started the day with a quick breakfast of toast made from the whole grain Italian loaf we bough Friday night…


Topped with natural PB and more Crofter’s Superfood Spread.

Took myself out to run a few errands and picked up a double tall vanilla non-fat latte for a caffeine boost


Hit the gym after my errands.  I can’t believe I’m on to Week Five of Intro to Iron!  You saw the post yesterday…I’m starting to feel strong!!

Ran a mile on the treadmill to warm up then really hit the exercises hard.  Boosted my weights on a few things and really focused on posture and proper form.  Kept moving as much as possible and left a sweaty mess.

When I got home I was starving.  I finally got my hands on some of the new Liberte Greek yogurt everyone has been raving about. 


Everyone is right…it’s thick like sour cream!  And with a low calorie count and high protein percentage it’s sure to replace a lot of other yogurts in our fridge.

IMG_2258 IMG_2260

Made a parfait of banana, yogurt, chopped homemade granola bar, another scoop of Crofter’s and hulled hemp seeds…

IMG_2263 IMG_2265

Later in the afternoon while prepping some Valentine’s Sugar Cookies, I snacked on a Piñata apple and a few Stacey’s pita chips

IMG_2279 IMG_2283

And I might have licked a couple of beaters…  :) baker’s prerogative I say!


For our romantic Valentine’s dinner, FH and I went all out. ha!  Chinese take-out!


Not the healthiest choice but if we opted to hit up a fancy restaurant I would have easily consumed 4975673 calories worth of gourmet eats, so no difference really.  Except that we were comfy- cozy on our couch with movies.  :)


Easter arrived early for dessert…


Today was another action packed day with new friends, good food, and some tasty treats.  I’m off work tomorrow (US holiday) so I’ll get you up to speed then.

What yummy dinner did you enjoy for Valentine’s (or Singles Appreciation) weekend?  Did you go fancy or keep it comfy?

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Kate said...

My Saturday was spent sleeping in after watching the opening ceremonies too.

Where did you get the Greek Liberte yogurt? I've gotten the plain non-fat but it isn't greek thick style (it is still higher on the protein side which is nice). I would love a non-fat greek style yogurt!!

Jaime said...

I found the yogurt at Sobey' the natural foods refrigerated section (where the soy milk and such is). Other people have found it at Planet Organic.

It isn't fat free, but it's low-cal.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog Jamie, I will add you to my favorites. Beautiful photography! Thank you for the cookies, I shared with the girls, they were yummy!

Weighting Around said...

Just had a quiet Valentine's Day at home. For dinner I had roasted veggies over shirataki noodles. Might sound terrible but even my boyfriend loved it!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Anonymous said...

My partner in crime was working, so we are planning on doing it up tomorrow night - steak, salad, devil's food cupcakes.

Today I hung out with someone I am loving more - my aunt in law! We shopped and toured around all day and it was awesome. We have been getting closer since we moved back East. And considering my 'real' aunts are not people I am close to, I am really glad it worked out like this today.

I also found a store that carries ALL the flavours of Liberte. I did a little dance in the aisle!

Anonymous said...

We went fancy yesterday so today we made homemade pizza, napped and watched the Olympics. Truly lazy day! Your parfait looks so good!!

Anonymous said...

Greek yogurt is like crack. You are right about it replacing the other yogurts in your fridge.

We had to postpone, but we're doing a romantic French bistro.

Lainey said...

We went for a Valentine's brunch.