Thursday, March 25, 2010


First thing this morning I headed off for my bi-weekly chiropractor appointment.  He actually wanted to celebrate because for the first time either of us can remember everything that needed adjusting actually adjusted!!

My neck was a challenge, but he got it.  Maybe my three days of yoga is helping with more than just my anxiety!  Good thing I have Day Four planned for tonight.  :)

This called for a treat.  Starbucks of course. 


Double tall, non-fat, half-sweet Vanilla Latte.

Which I paired with a light breakfast when I returned home.

1/2 sesame bagel, toasted, with light herby cream cheese and sliced kumato tomatoes


…and grapes.  The last of the fruit in da house.


Work went along soooo smoothly for the first few hours…I was feeling great and getting lots of good stuff accomplished.  And then wham-o…someone made a boo-boo and a project I just spent like an hour on needed to be completely redone.  I hate it when I waste time like that.  Bummer.

So while I waited on getting emails from folks to sort it out I put lunch together.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I’m no fan of canned soup!  But due to the lack of salad fixin’s and the fact that I already had a bagel for breakfast I figured I’d dig out a can anyway.


I added fresh basil to give it some ooomph, but it was still bland.  Oh well.  It filled the hungry hole.  :)

035 038039

With some multigrain Wheat Thins and hummus


Now I’m off to re-do all of my work from this morning…then maybe a walk and tonight I have yoga with my friend Cosette.  This time we are taking on an Intro Flow class as she says she needs a beginner session.  Should be fun!


Also head on over to Have Your Cake and check out the guest post I did for Jenny.  She hosts a series called Fit Five and it was really fun to offer up my take on five things I find necessary for my fit lifestyle.  :)  My Fit Five!

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Anonymous said...

Just catching up on your posts, girlie. Sounds like the week of yoga has been just the ticket for your stress and your neck! I love my yoga class and miss it so much when I can't attend.

I don't eat much canned soup anymore but I used to quite like that Italian Wedding.

Liane said...

I don't eat canned soup all that often, but I do keep a tetra pak of roasted tomato soup from Pacific soup in the cupboard. I tend to throw some feta cheese in it too.
You know it's my down to the barebones of my cupboards when I resort to canned soup.

Angie All The Way said...

I remember when that Italian Wedding soup was a staple because I'd beef it up with tons of extra spinach and parm it was a pretty filling low points supper. Now, I'm with you on the canned soup. I had the chicken sausage gumbo one last night and only because I was tired and not that hungry...wasn't a winner that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

I liked your Fit Five :)

Nicole said...

Ah I hate when work needs to be re-done! I feel your pain girl! enjoy yoga!