Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bare Foot

At some point soon I’m going to have to wrangle my budget in for the adventures coming down the road, but for now I’ve unofficially decided that a few dollars spent for some girlie time and little outings is A-OK.  :)

Therefore, when Katie tweeted about wanting a pedicure I immediately tweeted back that I’d go with her today!

So we met up this morning to get our toes all prettied up…


A day late for the green!  I wasn’t feeling the pink just yet…maybe next month.

Afterwards we hit up Starbucks…where I actually avoided a latte and just ordered a dark roast…and a piece of the chocolate chip banana loaf

Oddly enough neither of us took pictures, even though we are both photo bloggers now.  Oh well.  I’m sure you all know what a SB cup looks like. 

When I got home I figured I should get something quasi-healthy into my body so I made a mini smoothie.

In the KA: ice, 1/2 very ripe banana, flax meal, Amazing Grass Superfood, and vanilla soy milk.

IMG_3224 IMG_3229

Yummy in ma tummy!


After getting some work and a call with my Mom done, I made a late lunch.  It was too be a Squirrelly sammich…but alas my last two pieces of special bread had visited the mold man.  Boooohooo!  So regular ww bread it was…

IMG_3233 IMG_3237

With a hard fried egg, probiotic cheddar, and ketchup.  Nom.


The last scoop of Sabra hummus with some baby carrots to round things out…


Looks like today’s workout will be late.  I might even try for a 8pm gym stop because I actually like the gym when it’s almost deserted.  However, I did just finish telling Katie that working out that late really affects my ability to sleep…so I dunno…

Does the time of day you work out affect your sleep pattern?

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Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Nothing like a pedicure for a little treat to yourself!

I love to work out in the am, but not at the crack of crow...more like 8:30, right after my kids go to school.

If the workout gets done early, it sets a good tone for the rest of the day, and then it can't get pushed aside by other *shite* that might happen as the day unfolds. (And somehow, there's always *shite* to deal with.) :)

Exercise at night? Used to do before kids...but then again, I used to be able to drink coffee right before I went to bed...getting old!

S Enman said...

In college I used to workout at night (sometimes even at 9 pm) because I had some crazy semesters and it was the only free time. I think I slept better after getting a good workout and shower before bed as opposed to not having that time to escape school work.

Liane said...

I'm very upset that you both forgot to take a picture of your SB cups ;)

I actually can't work out after 7PM or I won't be able to sleep until after 1AM. It's frustrating!!

Anonymous said...

Nice toes!

I work out in the evening, but sometimes it can make me a little amped up so that I have trouble unwinding for bed later.

Karen M said...

Nice pedi! Can you tell us where you got it? I am looking for a nice place :)

I work out in the evenings..usually because I can't drag my butt outta bed in the early am, but I would rather the am thing because it gives me a burst of energy to start my day.

Jaime said...

Hi Karen: We just went to Princess Nails in Clayton Park. They do a really nice job!