Thursday, March 04, 2010


Well now, that was a bit of a shitshow wasn’t it?!  haha.  Thanks to everyone that joined in and actually understood what I was trying to say, and sorry to anyone that got caught up in the weird Twitter backlash that ensued.  Ahhhh…all in the name of blogging right?! 

Anyway, I think that’s enough of that.  If you wanna see part of the going’s on, check out my formspring page (but please don’t leave any more questions about this…I’m soooo over it).  The nice side effect of this morning’s rant was that I actually got a lot of awesome on-topic questions and that made it all worthwhile.

Sadly, I had a “I’m not much in the mood for food” kind of day so I have very little to show you to make up for the ranty ranterton post this morning.

Craving for a bigass latte was answered by a make-up free trip to Starbucks.  Those poor people!  haha.


Triple Grande Half-Sweet Non-Fat Vanilla Latte

I spied one of my all-time favorite Starbucks treats in the display today too and could not turn it down!  Apple fritter!  Oddly, SB make a fabulous donut!


I also had a much needed chiropractor appointment this afternoon.  I’ve been putting off my appointments due to my new found love of massage therapy, but you know what?  This back pain ain’t getting any better so I really need to stick with what I know works.

After my adjustment he treated me to a crazy new contraption:



Hung me upside-down!  I could feel it lightly pulling my lower back…kind of cool.  (of course the crazy blood rush to the head was a bit odd).

This afternoon my desire to eat still hadn’t returned but my empty stomach told me to eat something anyway.  I went with a green smoothie!


Served in a wine glass a la Oh She Glows because some days just need to be fancy-like. 


Tonight I plan to find another wine glass just like that one that actually contains red wine.  Combine that with some girl chat, I think tonight’s gonna be a gooood night.  :)  *cue BEP here*


On a happy note, check out these giveaways going down in blogland:

  • Lynn at Life Health Fitness has a super great giveaway for Canadian made Honeybars!  Yummy.  I want them.
  • Allison at Eat Clean Live Green is giving away Sun Warrior Protein Powder.  Which I have heard TONS about and hope I win!
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Syl said...

wine sounds perfect I may have a BIG glass myself :-)

anne h said...

Looks good, eh?

Jackie said...

Those inversion chairs are great. I had one years ago, but it was taking up too much room so I got rid of it. Now I just fork over my life savings to the chiropractor and massage therapist.

Nicole said...

I want to go to the chiropractor but I am afraid I'll want to go all the time - does that sound crazy??

Kristen @ Change of Pace said...

Love the green smoothie in the wine glass! Classy! Ugh now you've got me craving a donut :)

Ali @ Fat to Fit said...

Drinking out of a wine glass always makes me feel better, no matter what it is!

Lainey said...

Oopsie...I read up to the "check out my Formspring page" and then I did, and I didn't ask a question but I commented on it. Then I came back here and read the next sentence about not talking about it anymore. Sorry...

That inversion chair looks interesting. Did it actually help, do you think?

Jaime said...

Lainey: I saw your comment. Thank you. :)

Not sure about the inversion chair certainly didn't hurt to try! I already feel better so the appointment was a good idea. I'll report back if he gets me to use the chair in the future.

Nicole: Chiro is a bit of a vicious circle. I know that is why a lot of folks don't like them. Once you go, you pretty much have to keep going...but if you take care of yourself and see them in regular intervals then you rarely have major incidents of pain, etc. Or at least that's what I have found. I took a two month break and now look at me...ugh.

Kim said...

I'm glad that you're feeling a little better. AND I'm glad Starbucks had a treat for you. I have a stupid question... what does it mean to order something "half sweet" at Starbucks? You are the guru, so I'm asking you...

We have one of those hang upside down things in the pressroom at my work. Why? I have no idea. Because I work with really strange people. Hope it helped!