Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Breakfast All Day

Did you know that I went to the chiropractor 18 times in 2009?

Well I know because I spent an hour sitting on my office floor sorting a year’s worth of paperwork looking for all of my medical invoices.  Yes I know you are soooo jealous!  :)

Before that I had an afternoon snack of fresh pineapple


I really wanted to make some homemade veggie burgers or something for dinner…but I should know better than to plan something that requires groceries on Wednesdays.  By the time our weekly meeting ended and I caught up on the work that came in while we were talking it was already after 6pm (so much for a short day!).

So I made another breakfast meal for dinner.

Sweet Potato Hash!


Diced half of a sweet potato and cooked it in a bit of water in the microwave…approx 2 minutes to soften.

Melted a dab of Olivina in hot non-stick pan, then quickly sauteed some diced onion and minced garlic.  Added the sweet potatoes and a bit of diced sausage.  Seasoned with pepper, seasoning salt, and a bit of cayenne.

Sauteed til dry then added some thawed frozen corn and heated through.

Transferred to a bowl and kept warm in the oven.


Then cooked up an over-easy egg in the dry pan.


Put the egg on top of the hash and topped with some shredded dill havarti


Holy yummmmmmm. Deeeelish.

Highly possible I’ll be doing this again with the other half of that sweet potato. 





A Caramilk egg.



And tea while lounging in bed sorting the previously mentioned health papers and watching the tube. 


As for exercise, I did squeak in a bit of office floor yoga before my meeting today…and I think I’ll do another session before bed. Good for my back and good for my stickers!

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Lex said...

mmmm I had brekkie for supper also - but mine was not as healthy for sure :S

Anonymous said...

OMG sweet potato hash - brilliant!! I am SOOO stealing this recipe. :)

Angie All The Way said...

Sweet potatoes make EVERYTHING a winner! My fav is southwest style which I have on the menu in the near future!

Allison said...

I'm having breakfast for dinner tonight!

That pineapple looks amazing - I haven't had any in way too long! :)

alex said...

Your Sweet Potato Hash looks delicious! I love how creative you are with what you have. I'll have to try this recipe out for breakfast- or dinner :). Thanks for sharing!

Nicole said...

You would get along brillantly with my 13yr old..the only person in the house who likes havarti..any kind of havarti *S*

I haven't yet aquired my taste for it.