Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bring the Crazy

I don’t know what possessed me but I am watching the season premiere of ANTM.  This show is one of the worst things on TV.  Train Wreck.  I really shouldn’t be left in charge of the remote.

Before I lost my mind, there was the rest of the day.



I finally thawed out the loaf of Silver Hills Squirrelly Bread that I carried home all the way from BC at Christmas.  I love this bread!  And for some unknown reason I can’t buy it here.


(um, although I just looked at the website and apparently PO carries it here.  I’ve looked before.  I guess I better look again!)

One slice with PB and banana


and another with PB and Crofters Supercrack


I stared longingly at the sun out the window, but alas it’s conference call day so I had to stay tethered to my computer.  :(

Lunch was a couple of mini-meals.

Grapes with probiotic light cheddar


Chocolate Brownie Clif Kids Zbar



Veggies, tortilla chips, and hummus.  Seriously having trouble with portion control of this hummus!  Soooo creamy and deeelish.  I’m sad that when it’s gone I have a different brand in the fridge to eat before I can buy more Sabra. 

IMG_3012 IMG_3013

Being Wednesday, my afternoon schedule got away from me and I ended up working until around 6:30.  I had planned a make-up gym session today, but I really needed to eat first.

Leftover Coconut Chicken Strips on top of a bigass salad


I’m loving the Mache Greens.  So tender and delicious!!

Mixed with matchstick carrots, yellow peppers, and red onion…


Then topped with a bit of avocado, Greek yogurt and Trader Jose’s spicy salsa and stirred up…


After I ate that there was no way I was going to the gym.  Full tummy plus gym equals bad. 

Never fearBooty Camp Fit DVD to the rescue! 

I waited an appropriate 20 minutes or so for dinner to settle, then rolled out my home gym (ie: yoga mat on office floor) and fired up the DVD.  Booty Booster and Ab-Solute torture completed.  :)

I can haz sticker!!

Then I didn’t feel all too bad about curling up with my blankie, tea and evening treat…


I got these interesting Canadian organic chocolate bars a while ago and decided to try one tonight. 


Good dark chocolate with dried apples, maple syrup and smoked salt.  Decadent and AMAZING. 

Plus they are made back home on Van Isle.  Represent!!

So I guess it’s back to hour two of these crazy model wannabes.  Somebody stop me.

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Jessica said...

muahahhaaaaaaaaaaa. I must have talked you into ANTM!! ;)

IT is bad, but I love it at the same time! ;)

Ali @ Fat to Fit said...

I'm in love with that bread, too! IfI can't make my own, I buy that delicous stuff.

Your salad looks so good...mmmmm.
Can't stand ANTM....can't make myself watch it.

Liane said...

So, I shouldn't watch the ANTM that I have on my DVR?! Maybe when I'm sorting and packing this weekend?!

I think i missed the coconut chicken post, those look good!

Anonymous said...

Finally us East Coasters can see what this squirrely bread is all about! :) Looks yum!

Jaime said...

Oh Ali, you are so wise. It's terrible.

Lynn, I hope they have it and that you guys don't wonder after all this time why I like it so much. LOL.

Amy said...

I want to have THAT chocolate bar when Lent is ova.

It looks soooooo good.

Claudia said...

My Friend is from BC and all she talks about is Squirrelly Bread and she constantly complains about not being able to find it in Toronto.
I love Dark Chocolate!!

I Love Your Whole Face said...

Sabra hummus is the best. I lurve it. In regards to the ANTM, I am still obsessed with all the Real Housewives on Bravo, which isn't much better. Don't feel bad!!!

Jenny said...

Yup, I'm going to hunt for that bar, it's sounds really good!

Anonymous said...

I am all about the models! I'm watching it tonight (Friday!). And you're right about that hummus - so decadent. I mix a scoop with a scoop of Greek yogurt and it's so yummy.

Anonymous said...

I am all about the models! I'm watching it tonight (Friday!). And you're right about that hummus - so decadent. I mix a scoop with a scoop of Greek yogurt and it's so yummy.