Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Thanks for the comments on today’s earlier post everyone.  It feels good to let it all out (actually I wrote a much lengthier, angrier post but I saved you all from it…it was just good to get it down on “paper”).  Nothing has been resolved, but at least there was a message from someone on the machine when I got home from yoga.  Hopefully that person answers their phone tomorrow!

I did indeed eat my turkey sandwich during my staff meeting.  Once I got wrapped up in working again I was hungry!

I also snacked on some Late July PB sammiches later in the afternoon…

IMG_3797 IMG_3799

And half of this bosc pear before running out the door to yoga…


Katie agreed to join me for this week’s Long Slow Deep class at Breathing Space.  It was tough, but awesome.  Warm, sweaty and bendy.  Just what I needed to let go of the day.

We even got to do a bit of a pair exercise that totally helped stretch my low back (which apparently was carrying all of my stress from today!!) and gave us a bit of a giggle when standing up.  :)  I like when the class takes a bit of a light hearted approach…so much easier to really relax.

When I got home I needed a quick and simple dinner.  I opted for an egg white scramble…with veggies and lean turkey sausage…

IMG_3805 IMG_3809 IMG_3811

Light yet protein packed.  Nom!

After dinner and a long, hot, glorious shower I decided that after the day I’ve had it was a fine time to dig out another box of   Girl Scout cookies from the freezer.  :)


Caramel Delights…previously known as Samoas I believe.


Whatever you call them…OH EM GEE!!  Deeeeeelish.  These will not last long.  Janna…next year I’ll be ordering five boxes of these!  haha.

A few giggles from Cougartown have just been had so I think now is a fine time to cuddle in to bed for the night before I lose this relaxing momentum.

How do you decompress when the world is getting you down?


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Janna said...

Next year I will get you five boxes! I am glad you had the chance to get together with Katie and let some steam off!

Sorry you are dealing with all this crap right now!

Sending good vibes your way for a quick solution to the home issues!

Have a great day tomorrow!

Liane said...

I was sent a box of those cookies! OH MY GOSH! they are freaking amazing. LOVE THEM!!!
Yes, those words needed to be in CAPS! I inhaled that box. I still dream of them. I curse that we can't get them here! Although, it's probably a really good thing we can't! :)

I Love Your Whole Face said...

Jaime, I hope everything works out ok. I will be thinking of you and if you ever need to talk, I am open to a vacay in CA with jellybeans! :-) And I mean starburst jelly beans. Maybe I can smuggle a case of them over the border!

Cat said...

Oh! There is my Mr. Stoopy! I miss that old guy....