Monday, March 08, 2010

Feelin’ Groovy

Goals for today:

  • mucho veggies
  • water (I cannot seem to get rehydrated, it’s ridiculous)
  • cardio
  • clean house

Let’s just say this weekend lacked in the healthy eats department.  Planned, but maybe a slight bit over the top!

Hence the reason my day started out with an incredibly spinachy green smoothie

IMG_2955 IMG_2956

Even before coffee this time.  You know I’m craving greens if they beat out the Monday morning coffee.  :)


Due to my huge sushi feast last night, I went to bed with a full belly…and I don’t know about you guys but when I do that I end up waking up ravenous.  So that smoothie barely held me over for an hour before I was already thinking about lunch.

Bigass Tuna Salad Salad


Mixed Mache greens with tomatoes and carrots, drizzled with EVOO…


Topped with leftover tuna salad made with Greek yogurt & capers…


With multigrain Tositos and Sabra roasted garlic hummus on the side…


OMG, what do they put in this hummus to make it so much better than all the others?  Best.hummus.ever.  I couldn’t make my own this good!

IMG_2941 IMG_2942

Next up:  fruity snack, fresh air, workity work work work.

Amazing Treat: The cool folks at Amazing Grass are running a great promo on the 8.5oz bottle of Berry Green SuperFood. 40% off!  Enter the promo code ‘berry10’ at checkout.  Promo runs March 8-15, 2010.  Yummy.  :)

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Jen said...

Sabre is awesome hummus. I could eat the whole container and I have. I love it on a wrap, with peppers and cheese.

Lisa said...

Everything looks so yummy! I LOVE your blog header!

anne h said...

Hummus ----hmmmm!

Cat said...

I hate hummus. I want to like it so badly, but I just hate it. Maybe I should try it again, now that I'm thinking of it, I can't remember the last time I tried it....

Kate said...

I love green smoothies! That is normally my treat as soon as I get home from work.

Anonymous said...

I am in desperate need of veggies and water after the weekend!

Anonymous said...

Oh, no kidding... that Sabra hummus is amazing. Especially the red pepper kind.

S Enman said...

I specifically bought capers a few weeks ago to put with tuna! Do you use them in any cooking other than tuna fish or other fish? I haven't tried them with anything else.