Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Fire Burning

This weekend was a bit of a snackfest.  Not the end of the world as most of it was planned, but it’s launched my body into a snacking frenzy!

Must retrain brain not to eat continuously!!

Mid-afternoon snackie of Late July mini pb sammiches


And Lemon Liberte straight outta the container…


The good news is that I made it through Costco unscathed!  They took the Garmin back no questions asked.  I didn’t buy anything else.  And I avoided the tasty, tasty hot dogs.  Yes, I like hot dogs and Costco makes the best ones!!  I just try to have like only one a year and I hadn’t earned one today.  Go me!

Instead I came home for chicken and veggies.

Coconut Chicken Fingers to be exact.  The coconut was still out from this morning’s oats, so I decided to run with it.


Served with steamed broccoli, baby carrots and plum sauce/light mayo for dipping.


Oh, and burnt silicon pot holder.  YUCK!  Ya, super duper smart me turned on the wrong element and nearly set the kitchen on fire.  Go me.

I set the broccoli to steaming and went into the living room.  I was sitting on the couch and thought I saw something flash out of the corner of my eye.  I looked again and could see flickering in the kitchen window…so I ran out there and sure enough…friggin pot holder on fire!  Smashed it out with the tea towel and threw it in the sink. 


But not before it melted silicon all over the flat top.  Ugh.



A little later after a bit of airing out I decided to curl up for the evening so we made tea and I made popcorn…


I realized while I was sitting here lounging and talking to my Mom that I never went to the gym today.  I didn’t even think about it really.  How weird is that?  So I guess tomorrow will be a do-over!

And I just ate a bowl of yummy granola and really want another one.  At midnight.  What is wrong with me?!! 

Don’t answer that.

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Ali @ Fat to Fit said...

My favourite part of this post is the title! Even after reading about it on twitter, I was expecting the post to be about relaxing in front of the fire, or somethign equally as luxurious. Too funny!

Shrinking Jen said...

I totally understand about the snacking. Once I start, I can't stop!

You know, here in Ontario, when a parent tells me their child has a fire fascination or is setting things on fire I refer them to a program called "TAPP-C" (The Arson Prevention Program - Children). If you like I can find out if they have an adult equivalent around you. Heehee... just teasing! I'm glad there was no real damage done. It's a good thing you hadn't gone far and could catch it before any real damage was done!

Anonymous said...

I have been playing with the idea of making a crusty coconut concoction for tofu or chicken, something like that. It sounds delicious :)


RunDiRun said...

Ew, stinky melted silicone...did you get all aired out?

itsawrapteacher said...

Nothing wrong with a midnight snack. And love the chicken fingers recipe. Great idea to excite boring chicken up!

Angie All The Way said...

Oh dear I bet the smell of popcorn on top of the burnt oven mit made a wonderful combo!

I didn't think there was another way to eat Liberte Mederranean other than right out of the container! lol

Laura said...

Geez...I did almost the same thing the other day but with a gas stove and paper...luckily I was right there so it was just some singed documents.

Natalie said...

I love hot dogs! I was just mentioning to a co-worker that the hot dog carts will be out soon with the warmer weather. Yay! Everything in moderation :D

Nicole said...

I hate when I light things on fire, especially my toaster oven. I've gone through 3 in 1 year. I have been hungry at night too, so I'm with ya!

I Love Your Whole Face said...

I looked for the mini peanut butter crackers at my Trader Joes but they didn't have them. boooooo BTW, I love all your pretty coffee mugs. my collection consists of ones I stole from my rents in college.