Saturday, March 27, 2010

Girl Date

Yesterday my friend Sarah and I were going to meet for coffee and croissants the size of our heads, but she was busy with apartment hunting so we rescheduled for dinner and a movie instead.

I have a long list of restaurants to get to here in Halifax before I move away, so I suggested one of those for our meal. 

Morris East!

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It’s a small, funky little place specializing in wood-fired pizzas

I opted for a glass of the wine special for the night, Genesis Syrah


While Sarah ordered a yummy oatmeal stout


All of the March pizzas sounded deeeelish, however I was drawn to the combo of blue cheese and prosciutto.  Two pizzas caught my eye, but I quickly settled on the option that included poached pears!



I am a big fan of fresh greens on a pizza so that was another selling feature.  In fact, I kind of wish they had used more!

Sarah was immediately drawn to the lure of goat cheese so she chose the roasted veggie variety.



I was jealous of her zucchini!

The pizzas were soooo good.  We both opted for the whole wheat crust…which was thin and slightly crisp just the way I like it.  I drizzled a teeny bit of their homemade chili oil on the second half of mine, and OMG it was fabulous.  I ate the whole thing!

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But still managed to let the server talk us into TWO desserts!  I really wanted to try the S’more (um, hellooooo…homemade marshmallow toasted in the woodfire oven!!!) but the server also told us that the Salted Caramel Tart is the BEST DESSERT EVER…so we had to order both.


The marshmallow was amazing!!! 


We expected the tart to be warm (or at least warm-ish) but it was chilled so a bit hard…but the salty sweet goodness of the toffee was definitely super deeeelish.

I literally waddled out of there.  So full.

After dinner we raced out to the theatre for Alice in Wonderland.  I really enjoyed it.  The 3D didn’t make me dizzy like Avatar did, the scenery and computer visuals were stunning, and they didn’t go to hog wild with the story line.  For me, Helen Bonham Carter as the Red Queen totally made the movie…hilarious. 

Oh so sexy 3D glasses…bwahahaha…


I’d give it two thumbs up but wouldn’t suggest taking your little kids to this one.  12 and up I’m thinking.

Good news was that I was so full from dinner I didn’t get any theatre treats.  I could barely even sip the water I brought with me!

I might have to try to get back to Morris East before I leave town.  :)  Lynn???

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Jessica said...

you should keep those... they're sexy!! muahahhaaaaaaaaa

I want to see it too!! It looks great!

Katie said...

OMG that S’mores dessert looks so good! I want one!!!!

Lauren said...

I don't remember ever seeing that place when I lived in Halifax, but it looks great.

I am so excited to see Alice in Wonderland!

Hope you have a great weekend

sarah said...

Looks yummy!!

I haven't seen that movie yet. Can't wait!

Jenny said...

Yeah, the Smores dessert look really good- I love the idea of homemade marshmallow!

Aren't those glasses awesome? lol! I have mine still- not sure why...!

Take care,

Lainey said...

I really want to see that movie, but I planned an event for it for April 9th because March was all booked up and the first weekend of April is Easter. So I have to wait!

I've gotten behind in my blog reading and just read about your situation of late. Sorry to hear--it must be so stressful! If it was me, I'm sure I'd fall apart, because that's how I roll. So kudos to you for staying strong! :o)

Anonymous said...

Umm HELL yes to Morris East, especially after seeing this post. *drool* ;)

Nicole said...

Oh that pizza looks amazing, I think I would eat the whole thing too. Glad you got in some girl time, it always makes for a wonderful night! :)

Emily said...

Mmm yummy!
I live very close to Morris East and have walked by there countless times. Going to have to try it out now :)

Anonymous said...

You kind of look like a mad scientist in those! :-)

Sounds like a perfect GNO.

Heather said...

I love Moris East! So yummy :)