Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Well, today didn’t quite go the way I thought.

Arron came home from work with his mission papers.  The mission date we’ve been struggling against for the last month because he was supposed to leave at the end of May and we were worried we wouldn’t have all of this house shit taken care of by then.

Um, ya, well now he’s leaving APRIL EFFING 20th!!!  For those of you not good at math…that’s like THREE FREAKING WEEKS.

On a personal level this is bittersweet…

It’s a major milestone and glorious moment for him to finally (after two years) have an itinerary in his hand that guarantees he is indeed going.

It means he has to drop absolutely everything and get on a plane this weekend to go visit his son before he leaves the country for six months.  That eats up pretty much all of the time between now and the deployment date.

Which means that between now and FOREVER I will only see him for maybe FOUR more days TOTAL.  I mean, we knew that once he left, then I moved, we might not see each other again…but I thought I had two more months to come to terms with that.  :(

This also means our mortgage company needs to get off their ass and get our paperwork freaking processed so we can ensure everything is going the way we need it to.  Like yesterday!!

Bloody hell.  

Oddly enough I actually got hungry once this news settled.  I put together a quick salad and topped it with a Sweet Potato & Black Bean pattie


Spinach, carrots, tomatoes, a drizzle of Ranch, a scoop of TJ’s habanero lime salsa…and added light cheddar…



Then my tax paper sorting evening was cancelled in lieu of a much needed Starbucks visit with my friend Sarah.

Grande non-fat half-sweet vanilla rooibos tea latte…


And yes, an amazingly deeeeelish super-glazed apple fritter.  If this isn’t an emotional food band-aid I don’t know what is, but it was totally worth every single bite.


Thanks for sticking with me through the drama y’all.  I swear I had no idea my life could be this interesting.  I’d give my left arm for it to go right back to boring any time now.  *sigh*

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H-woman said...


Take of yourself! That burger looks yummy!

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

I hope one day you can look back on all of this and think "This made me stronger".

You WILL get through it, as sucky as it all is...

Big (hugs) to you!

PS I found it interesting that you called the apple fritter an emotional Band-Aid...60 pounds ago, I was eating 2, sometimes 3 of those A DAY trying to overcome my worries about moving to Russia. Yep, using them as Band-Aids...A LOT of Band-Aids!

Liane said...

Sending you a cross country HUG!

Also, those apple fritters are the devil, wrapped in yummy yummy goodness, but a devil none the less ;) I've eaten a few of those as band-aids myself.

Nicole said...

glad you enjoyed a little treat as a band-aid...sometimes they come in handy...

Cat said...

what a day Jaime! Love and hugs always. You're stronger than you know.


Anonymous said...

Wow Jaime, what a day is right. I truly hope that everything works out smoothly with the mortgage issues etc. and you can get moved and settled without much hassle.

At least you and Arron ended on decent terms and you're able to work all this stuff out. Maybe you two need to celebrate your new lives/his deployment with one last dinner. An official goodbye and good luck sorta of thing.


Espressomama said...

Oh, heavens. Would it help if all your bloggie friends picketted your mortgage company/lawyer/anyone else give you a hard time?

Take care of yourself and breathe!

Jaime said...

Thanks you guys.

Lynn: we are planning a going away party for him... :)

RunDiRun said...

Tasty band-aids are necessary evils at times.

Take care of yourself.

Susan said...

Gaaaah. Life is so messy sometimes. There are a lot of little blessings hidden in there - you just gotta look hard! You'll get through it. Most of us never realize how much we're capable of until we come out through the other side xoxo

Jenny said...

Hugs Jaime, I hope everything gets sorted out soon.
Just breathe, it seems like you have an excellent support system.

Jessica said...

Sending you big hugs today. What a messy situation. I hope you enjoy your last few days together.
And damn that mortgage company, hopefully they will get on it, and make this all a little easier on your guys!


cinemarie said...



May the mortgage company finish the paperwork ASAP! Sending good vibes your way :)

JavaChick said...

Nothing like having the rug pulled right out from under you. Hang in there Jaime.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jaime, that is a shocker! I can imagine you weren't prepared for the date to be moved forward. What can I say but I am wishing you well during these weeks and months of transition.

Anonymous said...

Wow that really sucks - but at least it will be all sort-of over (not the emo stuff) soon. Sort of like ripping off that bandaid ... that you just ... ate. LOL.