Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hello Sun

Today is one day that I’m kind of glad for the work slow down.  I had a leisurely morning involving a quick run to Starbucks


Double tall 1/2 sweet vanilla non-fat latte.

As soon as I sat down to work I realized I had a follow-up chiro appointment today, so back out the door I went!

When I got back it was way past breakfast so I made a quickie snack…


Light Rye Wasa with The Bee’s Knees PB and 1/2 banana.

Even with the late start I was able to tackle a few time-sucking projects for work and it feels good to have those taken care of.

For lunch I created a heaven sammich!


Squirrelly bread with crack hummus, probiotic light cheddar, tomatoes and those lovely mache greens.



Squirrelly bread makes fantastically tasty and chewy toast.  :)

Now I’m thinking it’s time for a bit of outside love since it’s gorgeous out there and I missed out on it yesterday.

Hello sun!

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Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

That bread DOES look delish!

I saw "Dorset Oats" granola in a Costco type grocery store here in Moscow today, and I thought of you!

Intrigued, I bought a box of the "Really Nutty" flavour, but they had 2 other kinds...I couldn't believe it. (You can't even get Kellogg's cereals over here, let alone something as exotic as that!)

You see? Your blog is influencing people way over here behind the Iron Curtain!

Jaime said...

Debbie, that's so cool!! How random that you can get that granola!! Enjoy!

Liane said...

I really should not read your twitter... You tweet about new mugs at starbucks, I end up at Starbucks for a work meeting, see the pretty mugs, and now I'm officially obsessed with said mugs.


Also, I misread the above comment and thought there was actually Costcos in Moscow, and was oddly excited about that. Like, if I ever end up in Moscow with time to spare, I'd find that Costco and browse the aisles.

Because, clearly, Moscow is my next vacation destination ;)