Monday, March 22, 2010


So, how do we feel about the wordless weekend posts? 

I like ‘em but I feel like I’m hiding meals and interesting food and fitness tidbits from you all.  I’m figuring a few pretty photos are more interesting that a complete rundown on my every day eats, no?  You tell me.

There were a few fun things of note this weekend though.

Coffee with the blog girlies

blog girls 2 blog girls

(pictures totally stolen from Lynn.  haha.)

Girl Scout Cookies arrived from Janna!


Cool new tomatoes.  Kumato – simply unique BROWN tomato!

IMG_3382 IMG_3387

My first Fries Supreme a la Taco Bell in over TWO YEARS


Totally worth it by the way.  I heart me a little trashy take-out once in a while.  :)

Finally got a car wash…


While waiting I entertained myself…


And ate Easter eggs…


When I got home, Arron fed me…


Pasta provided by the boy.  Salad provided by moi. 

IMG_3436 IMG_3431

And now for a bit of interesting and exciting news for anyone that entered my Crofter’s Superfruit Spread giveaway!  That darling girl Allison at Eat Clean Live Green actually received an offer from Crofter’s to do a product review of her own, so she declined to accept the prize she won from me…so I have re-drawn for the winner of the bonus prize pack!

#3 – Random re-draw from USA and CAN entries:

image [source]

#76! – another comment left by another CANADIAN girl…Emily from Emily’s Latest.  Emily wins a Superfruit Spread sample pack!

Emily said: “I'm Canadian - the North American (blueberries, cranberries, morello cherries and red grapes... mmm) appeals to me!”

Congrats Emily!!  Email me your delivery details and I’ll pass it along to the Crofter’s peeps.  :)

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Emily B said...

Hooray!!! I'm just about to email you :D
Thank you!

Katie said...

I saw those tomatoes at the superstore yesterday and wondering about them but didn't pick them up. Maybe I will they look very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Great 4 hour gab session on Saturday!!! :)

I've never had Fries Supreme ever. Looks yummy though.

Both of our cars are in desperate needs a good wash. Thanks for reminding me.

PS. Nice of A to cook Supper.

Crystal said...

I like the wordless weekends ... I LOVE looking at your photos. I liked how you did a quick recap today though to fill us in on the rest of your weekend :)

Jaime said...

Thanks Crystal. I was hoping someone would say that! :)

Katie said...

I really like the wordless weekends. I think sometimes pictures can say a lot. I think you should keep them up.