Monday, March 22, 2010

Impromptu Yoga Challenge

Hmmm…Monday, eh?  I’m not too sure about this. 

Shocking…I started the day with coffee!  :)


And for something completely different, I purchased a bag of sesame seed bagels to enjoy this week.  This morning’s breakfast was a toasted half of one of these deeeelish treats schmeared with natural PB and half a banana


I always forget how much I love bagels! 

For lunch, I kept it light.  Wasa Light Rye crackers with not-quite-crack-like hummus and sliced kumato tomatoes


And little garlic dills wrapped with lean deli turkey


nom nom nom!

Followed this up with an individual Liberte Muesli yogurt cup.  Vanilla yogurt with Orange & Flaxseed granola…


While continuing to stress about the time crunch we are in and the lack of speed on the part of a lawyer I realized I need some sort of meditation or something to help get me through this.  I can’t tell you the last time my anxiety was this high.  If ever.  Friday night’s workout definitely helped alleviate some stress so I figure a week of yoga might just be the thing I need.

I can’t afford to pay for seven individual classes at a studio right now but since my gym offers yoga as part of the included fitness classes I thought I’d check out their schedule.

Day One planned!  8pm class tonight.  Works for me!  (and yay for yoga buddies…Katie is joining me!)

Afternoon snack…cooooookies.  OK, not cookies.  I’ve had a lot of cookies this weekend.  Unless you count green grapes and probiotic cheese as cookies…


I’m off to make a super early dinner, so as to be all ready for that 8pm class.  Can’t have a boatload of Pad Thai sitting my tummy during sun salutations.  ew. :)

Anyone else feel like they need a week of yoga?

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Christie @ Honoring Health said...

Good luck with your yoga challenge. I used to have big time anxiety issues until I started practicing. Now, if my practice slips, the anxiety slowly makes it's way back. It is the only thing that works for me.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually considering doing a week of yoga because a studio up the street from me offers a discounted one week pass for new students. I've been postponing it because I was training for other things, but maybe I will join you this week. I think it's a great idea to relieve some anxiety.

Also I recommend taking bubble baths and reading trashy fiction books when your mind starts racing too much! :)

Do the tomatoes taste the same as regular ones? I've never seen those.

Shrinking Jen said...

I think the yoga will be GREAT for you. I have dreamed of doing it for quite some time... but finances just won't allow for classes... and trying to do it at home (when you have no experience with it) just isn't the same. I hope you enjoy it!

Jennifer said...

I could definitly use a week of yoga. I have been taking advantages of new student specials all around DC to try and avoid paying a ridiculous amount of money for classes, but I seem to have run out of good studios! Back to for me I suppose!
Enjoy your class tonight!

Salt said...

Enjoy your class tonight! Typically I take classes 3 or 4 times a week, but have never gone 7 days straight. I'm hoping to do a 30 day Bikram challenge this summer!

Ahhh yoga is my very favorite thing. :)

I'm a new follower! Love your blog!

Liane said...

Yoga and I do not mix.
I've tried different types, I've tried it multiple times... but in the end, we don't play nicely together.

Jaime said...

Liz: those tomatoes taste better than most regular ones. They actually taste like a tomato!! I bought them at Superstore.

Thanks for the well wishes for yoga you guys. I'm not so sure about this "gym" yoga but it is free so we shall see. I'll mix it up by attending a few classes at a local studio and probably at least one at home session using yogadownload or my BootyCampFit DVD.

As a general rule I don't usually feel more relaxed after yoga, but with the anxiety I'm feeling right now anything can help.

Liane: runners and yoga either mix or repell. Ask Amy's Quest. :)

Nicole said...

Work is super stressful right now and I am with you needing the yoga. I have vacation next week and can't wait to get away and do yoga! Hope your anxiety quiets down.

Nellers said...

I totally need a week of Yoga. :( I've had heartburn all day long (stress induced!) and need to go look for Ginger root tea... Perhaps Yoga will help in the meantime. Hope your week goes better!!

H-woman said...

Jaime, try

Or call me--I'll teach over speaker phone!

H =)

Anonymous said...

Aww, big BOO to stress/anxiety. :( Hope the yoga works for you. *hugs* I got your email and would love to do a class this week, even if we just go to Nubodys.

JavaChick said...

I do know the feeling. Hope you get things straightened out soon. Not a fun way to live.

I know this is not quite the same thing, but I remember being so stressed by the process of buying our house that I was constantly nauseous for a month and I was carrying TUMS around with me.

Hang in there!

Coffeeintherain said...

I love your blog, you food choices are always so creative! :)