Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Keeping it Simple

As mentioned earlier, I did indeed get myself some Squirrelly toast with PB and Crofter’s crack


And a handful of banana chips


I made a run to the post office and enjoyed a bit more time in the sun, before heading back to finish work for the day.

Since I had a big fruity salad for lunch, I figured I was OK to indulge a bit for dinner…so I pulled a couple of pieces of pizza out of the freezer.


We ordered Boston Pizza on Friday night…of course we got two different pizzas because we like completely different toppings…but I always end up freezing my leftovers because I have no need for a whole medium pizza all at once!


Pepperoni, pineapple and feta cheese.  mmmmm, mmmm, good!

Reheated in the oven…it’s the only way to go.

For dessert I tried to keep it on the healthier side with a dish of Lemon Liberte yogurt and fresh strawberries


Of course, I may have dipped into the jelly beans again too…hehe.



I want to thank everyone that took a moment out of their day to email or tweet at me regarding my earlier post today.  It is just amazing that so many of you cared enough to drop a line.  I am working diligently on responding to you all!!

A few new bloggers in our world

Check out Katie’s Healthy Discovery.  A good Twitter friend…now real life friend…just started her own blog.

And Sammie of Booty Camp Fitness fame has now launched her own blog.  Stop by and see what she has to say.

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Nicole said...

I hope you are hanging in there! I am thinking of you :) You are onto an exciting new journey!

Katie said...

Thanks for the shout out Jaime. I appreciate it :)

Those Jelly Beans look yummy. They are reminding me that Easter is fast approaching.

Sarah said...

Ohhh... the crack yogurt! Mmmmm!! Had to run off and get that Greek one for my dinner tonight after seeing your pics! :)

Anonymous said...

I haven't had banana chips in forever! Mmmm. Bulk barn trip soon for me!

JavaChick said...

Just wanted to say that you've been in my thoughts and while I'm kinda sad to see you leave us and head back to the west coast, I'm sure that things will work out for you and you'll be happy.

My baby sister is actually planning to drive across country and relocate to Victoria this summer. That will mean both of my sisters are out there now. I think I'm going to be lonely.

Anonymous said...

What is squirrely toast? Could you please explain the next time you post your classic toast & PB & CSS pic?

Jaime said...

Nicole: thank you!

Katie: no prob. Welcome to blogorama!

Sarah: haha, yum!

Lynn: $2 bags of banana chips at Walmart.

Java: Well I think maybe you ought to start watching seat sales to the West Coast!!

Julie: I did post about Squirrelly toast...last week maybe. I'll link to it again next time. (it's a Canadian company)

Liane said...

Ok, what is up with everyone posting pictures of fresh strawberries?
And... must stop at the store!

Clearly, I have a candy problem, but the one type of candy I absolutely detest is jelly beans.
I'm going to have a few mini-eggs right now to protest the eating of jelly beans!