Friday, March 26, 2010

Leave it on the Mat

Last night’s yoga adventure was a trip out to the Bedford location of Breathing Space for an Intro/Flow class.  My friend Cosette wanted to attend with me and requested a bit easier class…which I was fine with after already completing three days of yoga!

Intro/Level 1
This beginner level class consists of a series of steady progressions with a focus on proper alignment. This class is appropriate for those with little yoga experience or those who have completed an introductory course. This is also a great entry point for those with injuries or special conditions.

I would hesitate to call this one a real beginner class (although there was at least one first-timer in the class) because it seems as though most of the folks in attendance were regulars so our instructor Michelle really went forth and most of the class already knew a lot of what she was going to do.  It was a moderately paced flow which I loved!  We generated a lot of heat and got a minor sweat on.

What was nice was that there were new postures and poses that I had never tried before (which after multiple varieties of yoga classes over the years I was surprised by).  What was actually kind of exciting for me was that there were positions with options for simple binding and I’m actually starting to get there!!  Nothing crazy, but definitely more than I can normally do.  yay!!

Michelle started the session by telling us our focus for the practice.  “What don’t we need?”  ie: what can you get rid of and just leave on the mat?  She suggested it could be anything we were struggling with as difficult or unnecessary in our lives.  Something as basic as dietary concerns (she mentioned she LOVES pb toast but her body hates the gluten so she wants to get rid of her desire to eat things that her body rejects) or something more intense such as a toxic relationship or job stress.

Obviously this is a pertinent topic for me right now as I am currently in a state of life-change and a kind of emotional limbo.  My mind actually went a little stir crazy trying to come up with one simple thing I could use during the practice.  So many things!!

I somewhat settled on the obvious main thing that has been bothering me lately…anxiety.  I certainly don’t think I left it completely behind, but yesterday was a good day and I didn’t have that sinking, pinching feeling in my chest all day…so to finish the day with a class to help really let go…well, the timing was perfect.

Cosette and I both really enjoyed the class…so we are planning to try to get there again.  I want to keep going to the Wednesday class I tried this week too though, so we might have to alternate or something because keeping up with all of these great classes would be too exhausting (and too expensive!). 

After class, Michelle’s talking about pb toast got me!  I came home and ate not one, but THREE pieces of toast with peanut butter and Crofter’s.  And I didn’t take pictures.  :)  I inhaled it, enjoyed every last bite and took some time off from the computer while I just laid about on the couch continuing to relax.

Today is Day Five of my Impromptu Yoga Challenge and I think it’s time for an at home practice.  I’m seeing some in my future…

What do you currently need to let go of?

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Miranda said...

Wow, what a cool post! Thanks for sharing your experience- it'll definitely be something for me to think about in my own practice.

Lex said...

Wow I felt calmed just reading this post. I have heard great things about Michelle. I would like to try it some day! I've only ever done yoga the DVD/internet way lol

Katie said...

Sounds like a great class and a great topic for you. Glad you are doing better with things. It's a crazy time. Yoga seems to be helping :)

Angie All The Way said...

It sounds like Michelle left her PB toast desire in YOUR bad to take home with you! *laughs*

Feelings of anxiety are totally and completely valid and understandable. You're so smart for seeing how yoga can help somewhat in that way. Ever think of trying at home meditation techniques? I know it really helped a friend of mine in a big way.

Anonymous said...

Great post! I need to let go of fear. Fear of failure, fear of too much debt, even fear of spiders!

I am so glad that the yoga is helping you. *hugs*