Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Making Changes

My morning schedule has changed.  Currently no need to get up supah dupah early for driving purposes, which means that I have to rely on my own motivation for morning workouts.


In case you are new hereI am not a morning person.  I do not get up early on my own.  I am the queen of sleeping through the alarm and utilizing the snooooooooooze button. 

Having said that, I did get up around 8:30 this morning to get a bit of a head start on work.  In fact, I beat the coffee maker.  I had to stand around rubbing my eyes waiting for it to brew…


I heart my flirt mug.  :)

A little while later I consulted my twitter peeps regarding fresh pineapple and green smoothiesAngie and Katie assured me that it works so I decided to give it a go.


In the KAthe basic green + pineapple:  ice, 1/2 banana, flax meal, 1/2 scoop Amazing Meal, spinach, UVAB


Yum!!  The pineapple gives it a nice sweetness and takes a bit of the edge off the Amazing Meal.  I think I know where the rest of my pineapple is going.

When lunchtime rolled around, I really wasn’t hungry…but like I said earlier, the blog (and you guys!) sort of force me to eat.  I went with a quickie grilled cheese


That’s dill havarti in there.  nommy.


With a few grape tomatoes and a few slices of cacciatore sausage.

And a handful of red grapes


Work is supposed to be shorter days right now, but it didn’t happen for me.  I had planned to hit the gym right at 5pm (if not earlier) but when 5pm came and went, I grabbed a bar from the loot box sent by Krista

Clif Nectar Bar


Cranberry Apricot Almond.  Tasty and chewy.  Basically a ripoff of my beloved Larabars.


Finally around 7:20 I was able to head off to the gym.  My back is killing me (I know you are all soooo sick of hearing about it, but it’s a different kind of hurt than I usually have and it is NOT getting better AT ALL!) so I took it easy.

  • Power walked on the treadmill for a warm up.
  • Did most of Day 2 of Intro to Iron (Legs)…I had to skip a couple of things so I added squats and different ab work.
  • Finished up with another power walk at a faster pace and higher incline.

I would have stayed for more cardio, but by this point I was starving.  And I hadn’t planned anything.  I considered Subway but didn’t really feel like stopping so just came home…stared in the fridge for a minute and decided to go with oatmeal. 


Who says oatmeal isn’t dinner?!

Last week I finally remembered to pick up some egg whites, so this time my oats were a la Jess!


In the pot:  UVAB, water, oats, cinnamon, 1/2 banana, and 1/4 cup egg whites…stir thoroughly and pretty much constantly.

On top I just sliced up the rest of the banana and sprinkled a few walnut pieces on. 


Very creamy, simple and deeeelish.  Thanks for the idea Jess.  I love hiding extra protein in my meals.  :)

And that’s it.  I’m currently just watching American Idol (no one grabs my attention this season AT ALL) and perusing my reFresh cookbook looking for ideas so I don’t wind up staring into the pantry again tomorrow night.  I planned my money and workouts this morning but didn’t plan my meals.  I’m on it!

Do you plan your workouts?  meals?  other?

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Ali @ Fat to Fit said...

Meal planning will totally help with the financial planning, too! I meal plan, and weeks when I don't, we spend up to twice as much on groceries.

I'm a big pineapple in smoothies fan - second only to frozen mango!! YUMMY!

Jess said...

Have I told you lately that you're amazing?
Glad you enjoyed the egg whites in the oats! SO good and protein filled! Way to go on the workouts:) Good start to March:)

Katie said...

Man, I really have to try those egg white oats!!

Sometimes I plan my meals... this week I went very hard-core, and pre-portioned/made all my lunches, dinners, and snacks... I just wanted a week of NO THINKING (well, food-wise). This is a one-time thing, though--there's no way I could do this every week!

I hope your back feels better soon! :)

Anonymous said...

I am so relieved that you weren't upset about the AG review!

I plan out my meals roughly when I am making my grocery list on Sunday, but I tend to shift things around a lot.

I think Lee Dewyze is really good and sounds like a lot of the alternative rock guys on the radio. And I like Adam Lambert's voice. Haven't seen the girls yet.

Anonymous said...

I plan my meals for the week on Thursday or Friday night. Since I am on ww I use etools to create the menu and then build a grocery list from that. It makes weekdays so easy. I have just started going to the gym.. I hope to make a schedule for that too so that it becomes a routine.
I will need to try the pineapple in the smoothie next week :)

Amanda@BustingThroughIt said...

I usually plan my meals and snacks but am pretty flexible about them. I definitely need to work on planning more re. workouts, I pretty much suck at that :)

Sorry about your back. Back pain is terrible, it can make it so hard to even function sometimes. Hope you figure out what the problem is soon!

Anonymous said...

I plan my workouts and dinners, but not lunches and breakfasts. Probably because I eat a lot of the same things so I don't need to plan. I love structure though.

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

I demand a recount! Frogs totally should have smoked ladybugs. Somebody must've hacked into your Twitter account...

Amie said...

Sorry about your back!

I plan my meals for sure, and sometimes snacks but not usually.

I plan my workouts too, as in...I plan to workout...but those fall through all too often :)

Mary said...

I LOVE adding pineapple to smoothies, it's super good for recovery (esp. bruising!) and does take the edge off! I am glad I am not the only health blogger who struggles with mornings! Oy! ;)