Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Marching On

Month ends are certainly reminders of goals, plans and life aren’t they? 

For me, it’s mainly a time to look at financial goals, personal objectives, and my fitness achievements and endeavours.

Finances are pretty much always certain. This month there have been a few personal pieces of news that really threw a wrench into the pot, but the clean slate of a new month helped to clear away the fuzz and see things with a fresh eye.  In the end, it’s only money

Fitness on the other hand is something that I can and should keep up with no matter what the finances or the personal issues say.  Right?


February came out OK.  I lost a few workouts due to whatever it is that I’ve done to my back.  Funny, some of those days I skipped I was in far less pain than I am now.  So as I see it, staying home didn’t help.  So I guess I can’t use that excuse for March!


For March I’ve outlined days that I should be at the gym (black asterisks) and days that I should be tackling a smaller at-home fit session (pink asterisks) of yoga or Booty Camp DVD.

Sundays I have left blank as a rest day or a do-what-I-feel day.  At the end of the month I don’t want to see any asterisks because each one should be covered by a stickerHefty goal?  Yes, but I think I can do it.  Emotional distress is no reason to sit on my ass.  (If I typed it here it must be true!)

Sorry for the cryptic emotion references…sometimes the bloggy just isn’t the landing pad for personal junk.  In due time.

I would however like to thank the blog for making me eat.  I can often be an emotional eater, but certain situations I become a non-eater.  That’s how these past few days have been…but I’ve sucked it up and made a few healthy meals just because I know I need (want) to blog it.  And for that I thank you all

Keep that inner smart and healthy girl alive and well!!

Now if you could all support me in my desire to drink mass quantities of red wine and to smoke an entire pack of cigarettes that would be swell.  (I jest!… um, sorta!)

I suppose that would probably work against my plan for 26 fit-filled days now wouldn’t it?

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Jenny said...

I really do love your calender thing, I should do something like this with my daily planner... something else to put the pressure on (I REALLY need it!)

xox Emotions suck... but you're such an awesome person!

Take care,

Nicole said...

I love how you plan things by month that makes it easy to set your goals up. Financial goals are wht I need to work on. What Is this booty dvd I've been hearing so much about?

Jaime said...

Nicole: Booty Camp Fitness is a Canadian company that offers bootcamp style classes for women. They give a DVD with the class. Unfortunately not available for sale but we keep bugging them!! :) (There is a link to their site on my sidebar ->)

Anonymous said...

Did I tell you your calendar approach has been fully adopted in our condo (yes, Nick has decided to add a giant heart on every day he's worked out... eclipsing my dainty stars)? You're an inspiration girl.

...And not just because of calendars and stickers. You keep it real, and I really appreciate that.

Anonymous said...

I hope March is an amazing month for you Jaime! :)

Ali @ Fat to Fit said...

Here's to a fabulous month! I think you deserve it :)

Nicole said...

Here's to March being a wonderful month for you and the entire bloggy nation *S*

Bella said...

I love that you use stickers to reward workouts. I do the same thing. I've always used plan circle stickers (like you'd use on a file folder). You've inspired me to jazz it up a bit! Good luck in March.

Bella said...

I love that you use stickers to reward workouts. I do the same thing. I've always used plan circle stickers (like you'd use on a file folder). You've inspired me to jazz it up a bit! Good luck in March.

hrclark said...

i'll support you on the wine, not the ciggarets! and those are awsome goals.

Lady J said...

I'll support you on the wine too (for a little while) but pleeeease, no nasty cigarettes for you!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

You drink the wine and I'll smoke the cigarettes for you ;)

Loves you!

Lainey said...

Hope whatever your dealing with is better soon!

I, um, totally use my blog as a place to unload, ha ha. For the most part, anyway. But then I'm always emotional because I am VERY analytical (which means I think WAY too much), and I'm always a little paranoid about other people's motives.

Anonymous said...

Whatever it is that you are going through I hope that you are able to over come it quickly and with little pain. I totally advocate for the red wine.. it is the healer of all.. especially when shared with really great girlfriends.

Nellers said...

I've seen you blog about the calender before, but today I decided... Hey why not? I should that too! Of course, now I have to go buy stickers. :) Thanks for the encouragement... and hope you get back to your cheery self, and that your pain subsides! Lata!

Bardess Blogger said...

I love your calendar idea! Do you mind if I borrow (and mention)it?

Jaime said...

I'm so glad you all like the calendar idea! Yes please go ahead and use it...I hope it works for you too!

I got the original idea from Shirls! http://shirls-spot.blogspot.com/

Katie said...

I am totally stealing your calendar idea. I really need something to keep me motivated/accountable. I'm going to pick up the calendar and stickers after work. Thanks :)