Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Post That Explains It All

Well, since I’m off hiding out at the hairdresser right now I thought it might be a good time to finally dish the story.

Going forward, FH shall be known simply by name: Arron.

As suspected by many of you… he and I have chosen to go our separate ways. I took my time writing about this for multiple reasons…

  • my blog is not a tabloid.
  • it is my blog, not his and I chose to keep his personal life out of it.
  • family and real life friends needed to be informed first.
  • we had some things to sort out.

So there you have it. I won’t be discussing our reasons. All you need to know is that this was a mutual decision and it’s opening up a fairly big (although kinda scary) adventure for me.

Unless some crazy red tape rears it’s head this week, I will be moving home to Vancouver Island this Summer!! So you, dear readers, are about to embark on a crazy ride that involves me trying to find a condo to buy in Victoria (while still living in Halifax), figuring out how much of my shiz I can afford to ship home (and what I’ll begrudgingly have to sell), and hopefully doing a cross country road trip one woman (plus cat) style.

Oh, all this while embracing balance, continuing to eat right, and keeping motivated to work out. Stress is healthy, right?!!

Should make for a little more interesting blog fodder, no?

Minor details:

  • Arron is buying me out on our house.
  • I’m hoping to go home in April to condo hunt.
  • The plan is to hit the road by the beginning of June.
  • Yes, we are living together until then.
  • If anyone has ever moved from coast-to-coast with a house full of belongings you didn’t want to part with, please give me the scoop. (email me!) We were moved here by the military but obviously I’m footing my own bill going back.

**To any real life friends that I wasn’t able to tell personally before posting this, I’m so sorry. It’s a task and a half to get to everyone individually. At some point, I just had to bite the bullet and write.


[Sorry gang. I’m disabling the comments on this one. If you have comments or questions, please feel free to email me...just keep it respectable. Thanks!]

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