Monday, March 01, 2010

▌♥ ▌Proud to be a Canadian!! ▌♥ ▌

I’m not even sure I need to write a post about the final days of the Olympics…I’m pretty sure you are all up to speed on what happened!  

Medal Count CANADA ▌♥ ▌


What a way to go out! 

(I’ll ignore the ridonkulous attempt at a Canadian rock “concert” at the closing ceremonies because the excitement of the men’s hockey game was good enough that nothing after that really mattered anyway.) 

Thumbs up for Michael Buble and inflatable beavers.

closing_ceremony_04 [source]



Thumbs down for Avril and her inappropriate footwear and Chad Kruger’s hair.


In completely unrelated news, I needed to un-blog for the weekend.  (If that’s wasn’t a word before, it is now!) 

Saturday I had coffee with Katie


And managed to squeak in one last February workoutIntro to Iron Day One.  7pm on a Saturday night is a good time to find a quiet gym…just FYI.

Sunday I had brunch with the Halibloggers.

Cora’s veggie omelette with side of bacon.  Heaven.


Lynn has photos of the gang!

Followed by a Susie’s cupcake.  Classic. 


And enjoyed the good ol’ hockey game!


Hopefully I can wrangle up my blogging mojo and get back to a real post for y’all later today.  The luke warm latte I received this morning a la Starbucks did not help to get my Monday off on the right foot. 

Here’s to turning things around PDQ.

Yay Canada Yay!

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Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Waitaminute... have the Olympics started already? What? Just the Winter Olympics? Whew... you had me scared there for a minute. Carry on...

Anonymous said...

I am going to miss hearing your national anthem on the reg. Well done, Canadian friends! :)

Natalie said...


Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

I found the closing ceremony really funny because Canada was kind of poking fun at itself. The music, however, was quite terrible. Maybe all the good artists (Celine!) said no to performing.. Ha! Either way, such an exciting 2 weeks! I love Canada!

Julie said...

I love Buble!! So to have him on there I was excited... then I saw the giant beavers. How great! lol
I also believe that the flying moose really deserve a shout out.

The first thing I said when I saw Nickelback was" what the hell is up with his hair??"

Loved the Olympics this year!

MoraPiggy said...

What a great 2 weeks. From the opening ceremony all the way to the end was so exciting.

So proud to be Canadaian and from Vancouver!!

We really brought our "eh" game.

Nicole said...

Hope your bloggin mojo is back tomorrow - itotally understand being cranky - i woke up on the WRONG side of the bed this morning and had to deal with 28 students!