Wednesday, March 03, 2010


ahhhhhh, slightly shorter workdays meant I got to sleep in a teeny bit this morning.  Um, not that I planned it that way because it seems my alarm clock didn’t go off (or more likely I slept right through it) but either way it was awesome.  Considering it was like 2am when I fell asleep with the TV on. 

Oddly, the coffee in the pot was cold when I got to it.  I wasn’t THAT late getting up so I’m thinking I might have accidentally hit brew last night when I set it up…instead of auto.  Oh well, I drank it anyway!


Along with toast. 


Toasts with natural PB and Crofter’s Superfruit spreads.  Two different spreads, actually.  I’m kind of addicted (and as a general rule I’m not a jam person).


Since I started late, I got to work on a couple of lingering mini-projects for work and actually managed to bang a few things out quite quickly.  Funny how avoiding Twitter for 30 minutes can do that. ha.

Once I was happy with my workday, I threw together a small but protein packed lunch.


Liberte Greek yogurt with honey, bananas, and granola.

IMG_2837 IMG_2838

I put the granola on the side for photo purposes because I wasn’t quite ready to eat yet and didn’t want it getting all mushy.

Now, I’m off to complete a quick report and then do a little office floor yoga and stretching so as to earn my fitness sticker for today.

I let my tweeps pick this month’s sticker choice…frogs vs ladybugs.


Ladybugs won! 

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Nicole said...

Avoiding twitter definitly helps me get work done too - it's just SO hard to avoid! :)

spunkysuzi said...

I just got some of those Crofter's superfruit spreads. Can't wait to try them :)

Bec said...

I definitely need to avoid twitter to get work done sometimes! Love the stickers :)

Anonymous said...

I decided to track my workouts like you do on the calendar. I chose heart stickers this morning :)

Anonymous said...

I slept through my alarm this morning, too. Arrgh!

Julie said...

Yay to ladybugs keeping track of your goals :)

S Enman said...

Your egg creation looks awesome! I love mixing leftovers with eggs. I put leftover Thanksgiving food with eggs as a scramble right after Turkey Day and it was pretty great.