Monday, March 01, 2010

Turn the frown upside-down

So here I sit, ready to post…only to realize my photos from earlier today are up on my other computer.  Ooops.  I promise to add them in later.  :) <added>

There was the luke warm latte I complained about earlier…


Paired with a blueberry Clif Zbar


And followed by a bowl of fresh pineapple


My day started out on the wrong foot, with my back pain rearing it’s ugly head.  I don’t know what I did during that snow storm two weeks ago, but effing hell I’m quite ready for my back to stop hurting.  No gym pour moi. :(

A few other work related things got in the path of my Monday morning too and the next thing I knew I was in a raging bad mood.  Crankypants wasn’t hungry, but the smart & healthy girl inside of me knew food was necessary.

Snack plate!  Dill havarti, Nut Thins, carrot sticks and hummus…


This, combined with a tweet requesting songs to end the funk, helped my mood immensely.  So did a whackload of water.  Hydration is a miracle sometimes I swear.  Try it, trust me!

I got tied up on the phone with the other Jamie so dinner wasn’t until late.  This is when leftovers are handy.

Chicken and risotto…with a big plate of steamed brussel sprouts

006 005 

For dessert I mixed my favourite Liberte yogurt, lemon, with some of the fat free Greek style and topped it with a few thawed strawberries… nom!!

007 009

So the day that started out with me feeling like not eating ended up a healthy feast.  Here’s hoping tomorrow continues the healthy vibes and includes a sweatfest.

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Shayna said...

That snack plate looks delish! It's making me hungry and I JUST ate dinner. Ha!

Lady J said...

I bought some Olympic Greek Style yogurt a couple of weeks ago and at first I thought I had died and gone to heaven, but after a day or so I found it far too heavy and rich, so won't be buying it again. Is it available in FF or low fat, maybe that would be better??

Freak for Fitness said...

I agree that hydration can really cure! I'm sitting here right now feeling refreshed after a large glass of water.
Hope your funk ends soon!

sarah said...

It must be something with Monday because I was all cranky pants today, too. And I was for most of the day until about an hour ago.

That snack plate looks yum!! I wonder if Liberete is in the US or just Canada? You ladies keep talking about it and I would love to try it.

Jenny said...

I also was cranky today, have been for a couple of days. Thankfully I am feeling lots better and it sounds like you are too.

You're awesome, girlie!!

Jaime said...

Mom, I posted about the Greek yogurt a week or so ago. Liberte has a new one out now that is just called Greek yogurt...that's the FF one I'm talking about. It's thick like sour cream...but only comes in plain so far. Look for it at Country Grocer (or maybe Thrifty's?). Kevin got it for Ali, so it's around there somewhere.

Sarah: but you guys have Oikos!!

Claudia said...

I need to switch supermarkets... My Loblaws does not carry Liberte, BOO!!

Laura said...

That Liberte lemon is like crack. I love it

Cat said...

Love and hugs