Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Visual Stimuli

So far, so good.  Hump Day Happiness. 

I figured I’d start off with a little positive reinforcement


If the mug doesn’t work, at least it contains good coffee and vanilla soy.  :)

In keeping with a “cheery” theme…I wanted a colourful breakfast.  For something completely different I prepared a beautiful veggie and egg white scramble


Man, I love it when a random idea turns out so perfectly. 

Asparagus, carrots, and baby spinach steamed in a hot non-stick pan until al dente and wilted.  Added 1/2 cup of egg whites whisked with a splash of skim milk and s&p.  Scrambled all together.  Added 1 oz of crumbled herby goat cheese and chopped basil…stirred and removed from heat.


Topped with chopped kumato tomatoes and served with 1/2 a sesame bagel, toasted and spread with Olivina.

Absolutely deeeeeeeeelish and oh so filling. 

That egg-y delight held me over for ages, but knowing I was heading into a potentially 3 hour conference call I decided to put together a few lunchy snacks.

Lemon Liberte with a spoonful of Crofters Supercrack


…and a side of granola to stir in when ready to eat…


A perfect Gala apple, 1/2 banana and scoop of natural PB…


Combine all that with some water to sip and it actually makes a pretty substantial lunch!

Tonight’s plan for Day Three of my Impromptu Yoga Challenge looks like a trip for a warm restorative class at a local studio.  Cross your fingers no anxiety-inducing house issues crop up before I get out for that!  :)

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Salt said...

All of that looks delicious! (Aside from the banana part...I'm allergic unfortunately.)

Have a great class later! I had to miss mine last night and my body is mad at me today. :)

Anonymous said...

I haven't tried the two cracks together yet, great idea though! ;)

Katie said...

Enjoy hot yoga tonight! I love it. What studio are you going to?

Lori said...

Where did you get the Rosie mug?? She is my hero :D

Jaime said...

Lori, the mug was actually a gift brought to me from the Smithsonian gift shop. :)