Friday, March 26, 2010

Wee Hours

So the only negative effect of this week’s yoga challenge is that I don’t seem to be sleeping very well.  Or, more specifically, it is keeping me up later and I don’t fall asleep until the weeeee hours.

Of course, that could just be me.  As many long time followers know…I’m a night owl and generally any time Arron has gone away for work I immediately fall right back into my pattern of staying up too late and sleeping the morning away.  So now that we aren’t sharing a room or a schedule I seem to be doing the same thing.

Maybe I’m just blaming the yoga.  LOL.

Whatever it is, mornings require coffeeeeeee…


I hadn’t prepared coffee for this morning because I was supposed to be meeting a friend, but I knew immediately that I made a mistake and ended up making a pot.  Good thing too because we changed our coffee plans to dinner plans!

I did however plan ahead and put together a breakfast cookie last night.  Protein packed goodness on a plate!!


In the mix:  oats, chocolate protein powder, hulled hemp seeds, Dark Chocolate Dreams PB, splash of UVAB, 1/2 mashed nanner…

Iced with Supercrack

007 008

OMG.  Deeeeeeeelish.  And I swear I won’t need to eat until dinner. 

Well you know, except for lunch!

I picked this “California” salad up from the supermarket last night on my way home from yoga…but ended up eating PB&J toasts instead…so now I have instant lunch…


They crammed a lot of greens in that little container!  It filled my big silver bowl!  I ended up removing about half of the greens to make it manageable and added some herby goat cheese to round it out.

017 018 021

And munched on a few Wheat Thins for carby crunch…


The rest of today includes a short yoga practice with added ab work and then dinner and a movie with gal-pal Sarah.  Gourmet pizza and Alice in Wonderland!!

Tomorrow is supposed to be the first of my garage sales (no time like the present to get rid of unnecessary junk in my life)…however the forecast is scaring me (um, it’s currently snow/sleeting out there!!!).  I can handle doing this in the cold, but not the wet.  Mother Nature, please help a girl out!!!


Looks like snow jail!

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Jess said...

I really need to try the breakfast cookie again. I dont think I gave it enough of a chance.

Anonymous said...

your cookie looks so good! i definitely like mine (cooked in the microwave with chocolate!) but have been meaning to figure out a way to do the raw one :) i'm glad to know i'm not the only one who's stuck in snow jail... :)

Liane said...

Alice is on my list of movies to see so you'll have to let me know how it is. But really, can any movie with Johnny Depp in it be bad?!

Jenny said...

I saw 'Alice' and LOVED it, they did an awesome job at keeping it to the story I loved as a child (and still Hope you like it too!

Cookie looks awesome, I will have to make one again soon- it's been too long!

I hope the weather gets better!!

Anonymous said...

I'm always so amazed by the amount of salad in those smalls dishes, although by far Pete's was the most. LOL I couldn't believe how much they were able to stuff in that little box. :)

Gourmet pizza....this isn't Morris East is it??!?!!!! Hehe, have fun tonight!

farm girl. said...

interesting that sleeps thrown off more so with yoga- most people find the opposite!

side note - keep my in mind for a Sunday class - my boys will be away!

Christina said...

Good luck with your tag sale =) Get rid of what you don't need and make some cash, sounds good to me!