Thursday, March 11, 2010

We’ve got sunshine…

And by sunshine apparently I meant the inside of the gym.  :) 

I knew if I fiddled around getting changed at home and tried to do cardio around my neighborhood all I would accomplish would be a slacker walk, so I just grabbed my gym bag and hopped into the car and went to the gym.

Did my cardio first so I couldn’t put it off yet again.  Cardio and I are NOT friends these days.  Which is not the end of the world because I do enough to support my strength training.  But…I haven’t doing as much as planned and the only person that hurts is me!  So I grabbed an open elliptical, cranked up the resistance and set the ramp to focus on glutes and calves.

Elliptical (cross-country) 2 miles, 22 minutes
Lunge & lifts
(5lb weight overhead)
3 x 12
Hamstring curls
on the ball
3 x 12
Stab ball leg lifts (core) 3 x 12
Crunches (feet on ball) 3 x 12

I had planned to mix Day Two and Three of Intro to Iron together to make up for the missing day this week, but I was getting really lightheaded and worried I might actually pass out so I had to call it quits.  I managed an extra set of crunches at the end since I happened to be laying down. 

Don’t you hate when your body betrays your plans?!

I suppose my blood sugar was a bit low but sometimes it’s just so random!!

When I got home I snacked on this Weil Chia Razz bar I received from Krista

IMG_3039 IMG_3040

Really moist and it tasted like real raspberries!  Very tasty!!  Sorta like a fresh and chewy Larabar.  I liked the added chia crunch. 

Not much in the protein department though, so as soon as I showered it was time for dinner.

My second attempt using tofu!!  This time using the refrigerated variety, as recommended by many lovely readers, instead of the yucky shelf stable stuff I used previously.


The difference is like night and day!! This was sooooo much better.

Yummy yummy stirfry


  • Cut off the chunk of tofu.  Press between paper towels to soak out as much moisture as possible.  Cut into cubes.  (I used 1/4 of the block = 1 serving).


  • Toss the cubes with 1 tbsp of the stirfry sauce (I used store bought). Let marinate while prepping veggies.


  • Heat large non-stick skillet over med-high heat, using 1 tsp grapeseed (or veggie) oil.  Once hot, add tofu and toss to coat.  Sizzle until all sides browned and a bit crispy.  Remove from pan and reduce heat to medium.
  • Add another tsp of oil and bring to temperature.  When hot, add veggies (I used carrots, red onion, leek, yellow pepper, broccoli) (and saved snow peas and mushrooms til the end).  Stirfry for a few minutes, grate in garlic, then add about 1/8 cup of water and cover to steam the veggies…approx 2 minutes. 


  • Remove lid, add mushroom and peas, stirfry 1 minute.  Add sauce, stir and keep cooking until desired crunch reached.  Stir tofu back in until warm and coated.


  • Serve on top of noodles or rice.




Then finish off with a fuzzy blanket, fuzzy kitty, and more than your fair share of Eggies.  :)


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Liane said...

I never make tofu at home because I've only ever had disasterous results! I tend to order tofu at restaurants because at least then it tastes good.

Thank you for the how to... I definetely will be trying this :)

Jessica said...

yummy... that stirfry looks fantastic.... awwwwwwh how I miss those eggs...... so amazing!!!

I Love Your Whole Face said...

cadbury eggs are the BEST. dying for lent to be over so I can eat them again. Love the blue nail polish too!