Monday, April 26, 2010


After a day of fresh air and a sweaty gym workout, Saturday night was spent curled up on the sofa clearing off the DVR and eating a few treaties from Bulk Barn.  :)


On my way home I stopped to check our mail and found what might just be the coolest blog giftie I’ve ever received!

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie lives in Russia and offered to bring me a Moscow Starbucks Collectors Mug when she ventured over to the US for a family visit recently…

IMG_5220IMG_5221 IMG_5222IMG_5224IMG_5223 

How effing cool is that?!  Me lurves it!!  haha, I know it looks just like any other Starbies collector mug, but people…it’s from freaking Russia!  :)


She also threw in some Russian chocolate (from the “Red October” store) and a packet of S’mints, which she says are all the rage in Europe.

IMG_5227 IMG_5228

Unfortunately Halifax doesn’t rate large enough to have it’s own city mugs so I’m going to have a look around the West Coast for a city mug to send to Debbie in exchange.  That girl gets around, so I can actually send it to her in Newfoundland and she’ll get it the next time she visits.

Thanks Debbie!!

Yesterday morning was spent enjoying a coffee and croissant date with my girlies Angie and Lynn at Two if By Sea

Cafe au Lait

004 006

See the bear?

And a chocolate croissant the size of my head…


These croissants will be dearly missed when I return to Victoria. :(

We sat there so long I ordered a regular coffee.  We girls sure can chat!  (and by we, I mean me…haha)


Afterwards I hit up the mall to pick out a few Summer basics.  I’m not entirely sure what happened to last year’s Summer wardrobe but I seem to only have one pair of presentable shorts and NO capri pants.  Weird.  I spent over an hour trying on about 16 items at H&M, and while a lot of it fit I just didn’t love any of it and walked out empty handed.  I hate trying to figure out what “my style” is at the beginning of new seasons.  Gah.  Oh well, try and try again right?

Now here is another picture of a lovely flower for you.  :)  This is the one blooming tulip in our front garden…


You get that in lieu of any photos of the FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC dinner Arron treated me to last night.  He suggested we should have a “last supper” and who am I to turn down a lovely meal? :)

He chose CUT Steakhouse…I’ve written about it before…a la carte steaks and sides.  Yummmmm!  The service was a little off last night but the meal was one of the best we’ve had there. 

I enjoyed one glass of an Australian Cab Arron picked out…can’t have a fabulous steak without a glass of red, but I was driving so no overindulging for me. 

As always, my steak of choice was the 6oz local petite filet…medium-rare.  It’s the only cut on their menu that is just my size!  We shared side dishes of their Caesar Salad (the big chunks of pork belly and parmesan are deeeeelish), Pomme de Terre (who doesn’t love potatoes wrapped in potatoes?), and their newest side dish…Mac & Cheeeeese

In an odd turn of events, Arron actually suggested we order dessert!  People, this rarely happens.  And he didn’t want to share his freakishly fudgey chocolate tort so I got to have my own dessert.  hehe.  Creme Brulee all the way!  Not sure how I fit that in, but it was sooooo worth it. 

Once home, we commented that this may have been our best date ever…even though it wasn’t technically a date.  :)

I will however be making a date with some cardio today to burn of 1/100th of that decadent meal.

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itsawrapteacher said...

That coffee mug is awesome! If I had known you collected I would have got you one from Sydney.
Great chocolate croissant.

Kate said...

Love the coffee mug, that is just too awesome! I use to travel for work and have a little Starbucks collection of mugs myself. My husband finally told me I had to stop my collecting. LOL!

Jaime said...

Almost all of my cute coffee mugs are from Starbucks but oddly enough it has never occured to me to collect the city mugs. After Debbie offered this one up, I realized that I could have been getting Arron to bring them to me when he went cool places for work. ie: NYC! ooooops. :)

ashleymw said...

Dinner sounds delish! I'll have to plan on going there, I've actually never been!

Cat said...

Love the mug. That's super-cool that Debbie sent that, and also I agree with you, 100% cooler because it's from RUSSIA!!

Glad you had such an awesome time with Arron....what a great way to say goodbye. I enjoy civilized endings.


Christina said...

It's so great you and Arron are being so civilized about your split. That almost never happens!

I love the mugs at Starbucks too, but I'm too cheap to buy them LOL!

misssarahlou said...

Love the mug. I'll send you one from England when I move back there later this year.

Jaime said...

oooooooh! London! :) yay!

marie said...

Your TO one is coming in a few weeks :)

Jaime said...

Oh boy, I think I've just created a monster! A fabulous monster!!

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Glad you liked your little Russian package!

FYI: Your title ("Hi", or "Hello") is a really hard word for me to pronounce, but it's the most common way Russians greet each sort of sounds like "Drast-vi-che".

I have been scanning the shelves here in Florida for Daz Bog...must be a Colorado-only thing...

Oh yeah, I forgot to say the Starbucks brochure I sent you is about espresso. :)

The best part about that mug is that it is so big!

Liz said...

I just saw some mugs in the Starbucks here in Spain that you would love! Totally going to add to your collection when I get back :)

Kim said...

I'm so glad you had such a great date night!

And that pastry pic made my mouth water. Yumm!

Liane said...

When I was traveling I would get a city mug from starbucks from every city, and then my friends continued the tradition.
I don't have all of them any more 'cause they took up way too much room, but i do have some!

Lainey said...

Reading about your chocolate croissants makes me want to try one. I've never even seen one anywhere!

I collect city mugs, too, but not specifically Starbucks. I got one in Minneapolis, but the handle broke off. :o( I also collect shot glasses, even though I don't drink.