Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Knowing my buddy Don really wanted to hit up a downtown Halifax BBQ joint for lunch today before he leaves, I made sure to keep breakfast light…



I used half of this container of Liberte 2% vanilla yogurt and topped it with the included granola and sliced fresh strawberrries

IMG_4725  IMG_4727

While researching the location of said BBQ joint, I came to the realization that we actually have two of them!  Don had been to Q on Argyle the other day (I’d never even heard of this one) but I’ve been hearing about Boneheads on Barrington for a couple of months, so we decided to go there.


I don’t think I’ve ever been in an actual BBQ restaurant so I was pretty excited to check it out.  I knew before I walked in the door that I wanted to stick with some obvious barbeque basics…the Pulled Pork Sandwich and Macaroni & Cheese.


The sandwich did not disappoint!  The pork was moist and deeeelish, and lightly swimming in Boneheads’ own Sweet Smokehouse sauce.  In fact, I may have added a bit more sauce for dipping cuz I liked it a lot!  :)

The Mac & Cheese was tasty…maybe a smidge blander than I expected…but that’s OK because I usually like a little ketchup or BBQ sauce on mine anyway…so it gave me good reason to try their Kicken’ Red sauce


Don also ordered the Pulled Pork Sammich, but he opted to try out their hand cut fries and homemade potato salad as his sides.


He says that the potato salad was pretty “meh” and that Q’s was better.  I’ll have to take his word for it.  The fries were crispy and yummy though…although personally I would have dosed them with malt vinegar and a boatload of salt.  :)  He couldn’t offer a comparison on the meat as he tried the Beef Brisket at Q…not the pork.  Both were a tasty meal for him though!

He was thrilled to find they carry the old-fashioned-style Coke bottles and I chose a local Propeller Vanilla Cream Soda.  Man, I love good Cream Soda.  So yum!!


Twas a nice change of pace for a weekday lunch for me.  A lot heavier than what I would normally have but it’s not like I eat like this on a regular basis (well, except recently…LOL).  I’d totally go back…I think I could make a meal of some of their awesome sounding side dishes!!  Um, sweet potato chips?  Yes please!!


Oh, and they offer a cracked out version of the Mac & Cheese…they call it Mac Daddy n’Cheese…and it includes chorizo!! 

Don’t worry, I’m hauling my behind off the to gym tonight.  There’s a treadmill, rowing machine, stepper, and weight room with my name on them!!

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Anonymous said...

And the Texan must say:

"They have barbecue in Halifax!?!"

To put malt vinegar on your fries at a BBQ place would have been very, very wrong culturally. In fact, it is not normal to serve fries with BBQ (should be beans, potato salad, & cole slaw), but I will let that slide.

I'm glad you enjoyed your first BBQ restaurant experience. It is not one of my favorite foods (yeah, it is heavy!) but we have some great places for it down here.

Lex said...

I've been wanting to check that place out. Seriuosly - my tummy is gurgling (in a good way) after lookin at those pics!

Anonymous said...

I ran by there a few times now and it alwasy looked so good!! Thanks for the review, the pulled pork sammie looks delish! :)

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

There's a treadmill at the gym with my name on it, too (the trainers have removed all the Sharpee pens from the gym area now...)

Janna said...

I'm with Julie...they have BBQ there? :) all looks fab!

Come to Texas though...we will show you BBQ!