Monday, April 12, 2010

Desktop Confessions

The motto around here is “Keep it Real” so in all fairness to myself and to you all I have decided to come clean about a few things.  Lately, my undocumented snacking has been on a downward slide…and this weekend kind of sent me over the edge.  Being Monday I’m feeling all good about getting back on the wagon so I figure the best way to start off is with a confession.  Seeing the junk right here in black and white should help make it easier not to do it again anytime soon.  Right?  Yikes!

Midnight Snacking

For the last…oh I don’t know…three? weeks I’ve been staying up WAY too late.  Not unusual for me really, but the new twist is that I have developed the habit of bringing a snack along to bed with me while I read or watch TV.  It started out with the occassional bowl of cereal or granola…and quickly degraded to cookies, popcorn, or now…get this…effing CheetosWTF are those even doing in my house? I should know better.  Hello TRIGGER FOOD!

The Crunchits STOP HERE!!

In fact, ALL bedtime snacking STOPS HERE!!

Weekend Decisions

Basically I just didn’t hold myself accountable.  I left my camera at home a couple of times, and it’s truly amazing how my choice-making thought processes are tied to that little thing! 

No camera…no balance!

Saturday started out all lovely.  A great morning yoga session with Katie.  A yummy non-fat latte…


A protein packed breakfast including fresh fruit…


Some crazy amounts of paperwork…


Fuelled by a deeeeelish spinach salad


With red grapes and gouda.

And then I hit the town with a long lost friend and choices degraded rapidly.  Strongbow cider, nachos, spinach dip, pita, chips.  And people, there was no moderation…I attacked that melted cheese like it was going out of style. 

And yes, I topped that off with a 2am bowl of Cheetos on my way to bed.  WHO AM I?

Gee, I wonder why I’ve been constantly dehydrated and waking up feeling like death???  Duh, right?!

Sunday again started out on the right foot.  Crazy deeeelish and healthy smoothie


In the KA: fresh frozen raspberries, frozen banana, ice, light coconut milk, honey, UVAB, Amazing Meal.

On my way to our friends’ daughter’s birthday party I grabbed a coffee and a piece of chocolate chip banana loaf from Starbucks.  I even had both of my cameras and still didn’t take a picture.  Lame.

At the party things were all good because the snacks of choice were veggie and fruit trays and pita chips with dips.  Of course, there was a little piece of cake too!!  Funny enough, I took 300+ pictures of the kids and the party…but you guessed it…I didn’t take pics of any of my food.  Not that there was anything wrong with it, but the point is that for the first time in almost a year I completely neglected my food blogging!


After the party I met that long lost out of town friend for a quick drink and I could have had dinner at the pub but I opted to skip it and head home for a healthier choice.  Go me, right?!

Um, ya…not so much.  Once back at the house we decided that we’d head out for dinner as I didn’t really have anything prepared.  I could have made a healthy choice…but what did I go for?

  • Mozza Sticks appy!
  • BLT
  • with fries, and mayo for dipping!

I mean really?  I totally didn’t need that appy…and there’s nothing wrong with a BLT and fries but after the weekend of over indulging I already had…I probably could have made a better choice.  And the side of mayo?  Unneccessary!!  and unphotographed of course!

So anyway…there it is.  Ewwwwwwwww.

Today Balance shall be Embraced!  And by that I mean no ridonkulous food choices, no disgusting late night snacking, and more activity than running up and down the stairs to my kitchen!

Right? …  Right!!

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Jocelyn said...

Hey girl. I have had MANY of those days. I know how it goes.

Hope you have a better week! :)

Jessica said...

You can do it!! :) You have to have those times!!! But now is a fresh start!! :)

Kate said...

I know that feeling! It is interesting because the exact same thing happens to me sometimes, the morning is always great...good food choices and everything and then somewhere in the afternoon/evening something happens.

You will embrace balance today! I can feel it!!

andrea. said...

Awww ... well, I like you even when you are 'un'balanced. :) That said, I'm sure you'll have no trouble getting back on track now that you've set your mind to it. It's so easy to fall into those patterns when we're stressed, but as someone else once pointed out to me: when so many things feel outside of your control, why let your food choices be another one of things?? Embrace the fact that eating is at least one thing that you can manage, in this otherwise chaotic time. :)

NSGIRL said...

So easy to do, unfortunately, but a minor setback as long as you put it in the past & move on. All the more reason to refresh & make better choices this week!

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Cheetos in bed brings back bad memories. I don't know if there's been something in the air, but my appetite's been stoked lately as well, esp on the weekends.

Maybe the most heartening part of our story is that we're recognizing this behavior early and taking steps to correct it. Way to go!

Syl said...

Jamie girl, you are going through alot right now, I know that this is no excuse and shouldn't be used as one but you are human!

Today's a new day, you wiped the slate clean now show us all how it's done!

Katie said...

Good job getting back to your balanced lifestyle right away! And at least you started Sunday out on the right foot with good intentions! :)

Jen said...

Sometimes it's SO hard to derail the junktrain!! Like when you make one bad decision, you might as well just go full throttle right??

The ONLY good side is that usually when you consume a lot of junk and you get your little food hangover that turns you in the right direction again!!

And in the grand scheme of things, it was only one weekend - you will bounce back, i have NO doubt about it!!!!
(that's cause you're awesome - just in case you didn't know that ;p)

Lex said...

What the crap - blogger ate my comment.


Janna said...

Jaime-THANK YOU! For showing us all that it is ok to admit to slipping up. We are all human and we have to take control!

I have NO doubt that you will have this under control in no time flat!

Have a great rest of the day!

S Enman said...

tomorrow is a new day :-)

Kim said...

Thanks for sharing... it's really encouraging knowing that other people lose it sometimes too. Hope your mojo is goin' strong today!