Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fluff & Fold

Last night turned into laundry night.  Apparently we use a lot of sheets and stuff around here! 5 loads and I still have another one on the go today.  While I puttered around, I finished off the In Snax pita crisps with some free-dipping in the crack hummus container…


I went looking for more of those pita crisps the other day but couldn’t find them.  Hopefully they were just in hiding because I want to keep those on hand!

I also munched on strawberries randomly throughout the evening…


When I did sit down to watch Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution I decided I should probably eat an actual meal so I wouldn’t be snacking my way to bedtime.  I grabbed a Weight Watchers meal out of the freezer but opted to add some fresh veggies to slightly healthify it.


Did a quick steam-sautee of 2 cups of fresh spinach in a little chicken stock and water…and piled the Santa Fe Beans and Rice on top of that with a little spicy salsa.  A bit heavy on the sodium because it’s a pre-made meal, but not too shabby for a fast and furious dinner.

A few more episodes of HIMYM…hello Season Two!…complete with dessert.  My favourite Peak Freans!  Nom!!


This morning I was up bright and early (well, early for me!) to meet Katie for yoga at Nubody’s.  Perfect way to launch off the weekend…now I’m all energized to tackle my personal paperwork.  I’ve said a zillion times that I’m getting my taxes organized and now today is actually the day!

Anyone else hate doing their own filing/paperwork?  I used to be incredibly organized and diligent about it, but ever since I’ve worked at home my personal finances always suffer.  Whooops!

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Lex said...

Early bird!!!

Anonymous said...

We have tried the insnax herb flavour and sal flavour... much prefered the herb.

Nicole said...

I will be living vicariously through you until I can even turn on my Wii to do any activity *S* Since surgery my doc has sworn me off anything but walking short distances. Maybe when this is all over I can take up yoga to get my flexibility back...because right now I can't even bend over to put my own shoes on.....
Stupid appendix *sigh*

Nellers said...

Oh you're a HIMYM fan too!? :) I heart that show. It's like another version of Friends... I've got my DH hooked on it now. Yay!

Lady J said...

How come I never knew Fruit Cremes were your fav.? They're mine too, have been for years... :o)