Friday, April 16, 2010

Gettin’ Better

So…within minutes of today’s earlier post I found that damn document I was looking for.  Right where I put it apparently!  After that, things started coming together.

  • went out to drop tax papers off at accountant
  • stopped at mailbox and found insurance papers I’d been worried about
  • got iced coffee
  • came home and got some work done without having to worry about personal shiz
  • even found time to look at a few condo listings online
  • had a nice chat with my Mama


For an afternoon snack I busted into the bag of Cinnamon Sugar Pita Crisps the nice people at In Snax sent me.  They saw me chatting about loving their other flavour and told me I just HAD to try these ones.


Well OK!  Twist my arm. 


Definitely yummy.  I compare the cinnamon and sugariness to that of the Riceworks chips of the same flavour.  And we all know I can plow through a bag of those all by myself.  I had to practice restraint with these ones.  :)

Come dinner time, my leftover Chicken Souvlaki was calling to me!  With it’s two sad and lonely lemony potato buddies.


I added a side of steamed broccoli with lemon juice to round out the meal.


After dinner I headed out to meet Lesley and Lex for a Starbucks chat date.  Um, three hours and no photos later we finished up.  hehe.  I enjoyed a grande non-fat vanilla Rooibos tea latte and a couple of yummy samples that came around.

Who knew they made tasty lemon loaf?  I didn’t!

Oh, and the highlight of the day?  The thoughtful gift I received from Arron’s parents!  They have just recently returned from extended travels around India and Asia and brought me back this lovely scarf!! 

IMG_4782 IMG_4776

The note they sent along with it indicates that they picked this up in Kuala Lumpur…the country of knock-offs…so this is a genuine fake Louis Vuitton.  haha. 

I won’t tell if you don’t! :)

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kayla karine said...

i love that scarf.
Just wanted to let you know that i tried your coconut shrimp recipe tonight... it was delicious! definitely going to become a favorite for me! Thanks!

Nicole said...

Yum, I love any type of souvlaki, I need to try to make this myself. Love the scarf too, I won't tell don't worry! :)

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Hi Jaime

The mug is on the way...US Postal Service stamped "fragile" on the package - we'll see if it arrives intact. (Don't be alarmed by the wrapping job I did; there's so much duct tape, I'm sure it's waterproof!)

Every time I see Vanilla Rooibos in Starbucks, I think of you. I'm planning on trying it soon to see what it's like.