Monday, April 26, 2010

Good Day

A good Monday?  Yes indeed.  :)

Started off right with a few pokes of the snooze button and a bit of sunlight streaming across the bed.  (I’ll leave out the part about the incessantly meowing cat that actually woke me up…dirty bugger.) 

side note:  I love how every time I type “cat” Windows Live Writer links it to the beautiful Cat.  :)

Anywho…there was coffeeeee


And a light breakfast of protein packed Liberte vanilla Greek yogurt with 1/2 sliced banana and some hulled hemp seeds for fun…


I didn’t need anything big because I’m pretty sure I was still digesting last night’s fabulous meal.  Nom!!

For lunch I ran out and met Scott for a Subway date.

[too lazy to get photos off point & shoot…stay tuned…LOL]

6” turkey on whole wheat…with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, double cucumber, squirt of Southwest Sauce and s&p.

I combo’d it up with a Diet Coke (weird I know!) and BBQ Baked Lays, which I brought home for a snack later.


Note to self: Baked Lays taste like eating an envelope.  I want those 140 calories back. 

Spent most of the afternoon catching up on weekend work and then chatting with my Mom about my pending mortgage, condo, move, etc.

While we chatted I snacked on a golden delicious apple with light cheddar cheese


Goldens were my fave as a kid.  Somewhere along the way they were forsaken for Galas, but this was one tasty apple!

For dinner I needed me some greens.  There has been a slight drop in the veggie consumption around here!

Bigass salad!! 


In the big silver bowl:  baby spinach, tomatoes, baby cucumbers, matchstick carrots, orange pepper, red onion, light feta, EVOO, balsamic and Greek seasoning.

Topped with the extra chicken breast I cooked up when making the enchiladas last week.  Just like Amy said in her blog tonight…there’s something about a warm topping on a salad…makes everything all melty and deeeeelish!


Tonight I headed off to my gym for FitFlow yoga.  Arrived a bit early and did a 20 minute interval session on the elliptical to burn off a couple hundred calories, then headed upstairs for the class.

It was a good stretch, but there was no flow in that FitFlow class.  All stretching and held poses.  Not exactly what we usually do in the Monday night class.  I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it.

Back at home I’m enjoying a hot cup of tea and the individual banana bread we brought home from Cut last night.  I get to eat it because Arron doesn’t like the walnuts they put in it…lucky me, because it’s one of the best banana breads evah!  *giggles*

IMG_5239 IMG_5253

Well that was long winded.  Goodnight y’all.  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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Lindsay said...

YUMMY day of food! Love your blog!

Cat said...


Kim said...

hehe... I like Baked Lays. Salty goodness! And Golden Delicious apples are still my fav. Wish I had one right now... with peanut butter!

Mikey said...

meow! meow! meow!