Friday, April 02, 2010

A Good Friday

Well, aside from the fact that I managed to sleep through my alarm this morning (I swear it didn’t go off, but it must have!) and got a late start…I’ve actually managed to accomplish most of my work to-dos for today!

I made it about an hour before deciding I had to go to Starbucks for coffee…


I ordered a double tall, but they messed up and charged me for a triple grande…so I asked them to remake it instead of refunding me.  So…triple grande non-fat vanilla latte.

Probably for the best…I neeeeeeded that caffeine today!

I brought it home to enjoy with a simple breakfast of sourdough toast with pb & bananas


…and a few fresh strawberries, since they seem to hit their peak of ripeness.


I planned a light lunch as I have somewhat decadent dinner plans and I want to be hungry and prepared to enjoy that!

Medium-ass salad


…with organic baby lettuces, matchstick carrots, radishes, cukes, and kumato tomatoes.  At the last minute I added a handful of black beans.  Dressed with EVOO and s&p.


*cue angels singing*  The crack hummus, Sabra roasted garlic, has returned!! 

IMG_3859 IMG_3861

Paired a substantial dollop with some of these in Snax multigrain pita chips I’ve had stashed in the pantry for a while (sorry, I can’t seem to find a website for them)…


And some cacciatore and old cheddar Arron told me to help myself to, since he had to go away.  Don’t mind if I do!

IMG_3864 IMG_3865


tasty pita chips + amazing hummus + aged white cheddar = BLISS!!


Not much time left to finish work and get myself presentable for the evening so I must run!  Still need to write up a couple of yard sale signs to hang up on my way out tonight too.  Yikes! 

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Anonymous said...

I tried the hummus and the multigrain pita chips last weekend... I really enjoyed them both and would definately buy them again.

Julie, The Accidental Fat Chick said...

Why is it that I get hungry every time I look at your yummy meals? lol

Hope you have a good time with your decadent meal plans tonight. :)