Friday, April 23, 2010

Greek Lovah

Yesterday I saw some Twitter action regarding the arrival of Liberte Greek yogurt in VANILLA on the market, so I decided I’d better trot on out to Sobey’s to see if we had it yet.

Indeed we do!


What’s the big deal about Greek yogurt?


Um, 0% fat!!  Wicked high protein content!!  And thick like buttah!  Well, maybe not buttah but at least as thick as real, full fat sour cream.  Without all of the junk in there!  150 cals per 175g serving…but not full of fake sugars or gross fruit sweeteners like other no fat yogurts.  I can’t even look at a tub of that nasty, runny stuff anymore!


Mixed a serving with 1/2 sliced banana and a rounded 1/4 cup of granola…



One complaintthe price!  This tub was almost $6!!  At that price this won’t be a staple in my fridge.  It’s ridiculous.  Especially since the Svelt Liberte is a larger container and was on sale for $3.95.  Might not be as thick and protein packed but it’s still organic and deeeelish for a better dealio.

Love the protein content though.  This definitely held me over significantly better than the regular 2% yogurt I enjoyed yesterday.

Come lunchtime I was ready to dive face first into the leftover Sweet Potato, Spinach and Chicken Enchiladas.  I was hard pressed not to eat two…but I have a sushi dinner tonight and didn’t want to overdo it at lunch.


One enchilada with sliced baby cucumbers and orange peppers.


Super extra deeeelish on day two.  :)  nom!!

Now I am sitting here patiently anxiously awaiting a call or email from my bank letting me know they have finally processed my mortgage approval and matched a lower rate I sent them.  I thought my mortgage stress was over but alas I’m back to a waiting game!  It never ends!! 

Technically only 5 business days until I arrive in Victoria to do my condo hunting so I really need this gal to get back to me today!!

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JavaChick said...

I'm still waiting for the plain Liberte Greek to show up around here. Unfortunately, I don't like the Svelte, so you know what that leaves me with...Love that Mediteranee, but the calories!

Jumpin' Jess' Journey said...

Check out, they have printable coupons for Liberte yogurt ($1 off). I'm a cheapy university student so I make sure I am fully aware of all the deals!

Weighting Around said...

Greek yogurt is expensive, yes. But once I tried it I can't go back to my old brand. No way! I am worth it, after all, aren't I? I love it plain, a big dollop in my oatmeal, in my soup, on my Fiber One pancakes or just in a cup with a tablespoon of pumpkin butter on top. Yum!

Bella (Stilettos on the Streetcar) said...

I love the Liberte greek yogurt! It's expensive at health food stores, but No Frills sells it for $3.99. Much more reasonable than $6!

Katie said...

Thanks for the heads-up! I hope they have vanilla near me! Yum.

Also - those enchiladas look to-die-for!

Bec said...

Oooo I`ll have to look for the vanilla too, though it is pretty pricey!

Angie All The Way said...

AH balls! I was there getting groceries today, but hubs was kinda rushing me through and I didn't look in the case beyond snatching a tub of the plain greek and my fav blackberry med!

$6 at SOBEYS???? WTF????

Nellers said...

You may not know it, but you have such an inspirational blog! :) You were actually the reason I decided to try Greek yogurt! I was getting the light Yoplait, but after reading the Nutrition fact on the back one day I didn't want to eat another bite. They're wicked high in sugars and all sorts of nasty dyes and preservatives... So I shelled out the extra $$ and bought the case from Sam's Club. :) It took me a minute to get used to how stinking thick it was!! But, I'll tell you what... it works better than Activia!! haha! So anyhoo... Here's my Thanks to you! Keep on bloggin!

Anonymous said...

Hey ladies - make your own Greek-style yogurt. Honestly, it's super easy and much more economical. Buy your regular (much cheaper) plain yogurt, line a mesh strainer with a coffee filter, add yogurt and rest the strainer over a bowl in the fridge overnight. In the morning, the water will have drained and you'll be left with thick, rich beautiful yogurt. True, you loose some of the volume and are left with a much smaller amount, but it's still much cheaper to buy the bigger container and end up with the same amount as the smaller, more expensive container.
I've been doing this for years and will only buy the Liberte Greek when I'm in a rush or if it's on sale and I'm feeling lazy.

Jaime said...

Thanks Nellers!!!

Anonymous (wish I knew your name!!): Angie all the Way does that with her yogurt and I always mean to try it but never get around to it. The catch there is that you don't get the major protein kick that real Greek yogurt gives you. I have never seen any of the "regular" yogurts with more than a few grams of protein per serving...Greek has 18%!