Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ground Zero

Last Sunday I spent the day taking photos of our besties’ daughter’s 7th birthday.  Mark and Coco’s daughter Camille had a rock climbing partyHow cool is that?

Ground Zero Climbing Gym


The kids got harnessed up…and played around until everyone was ready.

IMG_4217 IMG_4246 IMG_4238 IMG_4241

Then they sat through instructions about the rules and such.  Everyone was well behaved and the instructor was incredibly good with the kids.


This little boy was soooo photogenic.  I had to remember not to just keep taking his picture and focus on the actual climbing.  :)


Camille has no fear and got to do all of the demos during instruction time. 


And then all the little monkeys got to let loose on the walls!

IMG_4329 IMG_4356IMG_4418 IMG_4432 IMG_4437 IMG_4441 IMG_4459

Lex made the cake!  She and Dave popped in to drop it off so I made them pose for a picture with Coco.  :)

IMG_4406IMG_4466 IMG_4468 

I can vouch that this was a totally yummy cake inside.  I made Mark cut my piece as soon as he finished cutting the kids’ pieces.  hehe.

IMG_4487 IMG_4489_crop 

The birthday girl was just soooo excited.

What a great idea for a party.  I want someone to throw ME a rock climbing birthday party!  With a giant cupcake cake!  Woooooo!

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sarah said...

Looks like fun!! I totally want to try rock climber when I am thin again!!

And what a great cake. Lex is so talented!!

Angie All The Way said...

Awwwww what a great birthday party!! Great job Lex! Just look at the look on her excited little face!!

Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty said...

what a great cake... that's sooo sweet!!