Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Coco!

Errrrr…belated birthday!  hehe.  It was yesterday…but we celebrated with dinner tonight…so this counts!  Riiiiight???  :)

Before we get to that, let’s back track to morning.  It’s been a busy day and with that lengthy post for my Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery giveaway I didn’t have time to put up another mid-day post.  (I’m sure you don’t mind that I didn’t post 3 times in one day again…LOL.)  Go enter.  I promise it’s yummy bread!

So obviously I had to have some Steady Eddie for breakfast…since I’ve been coveting the Silver Hills loot for months now.  Today I made it into a fun treat with Dark Chocolate Dreams PB and sliced banana


With fresh cantaloupe and red grapes.


And coffeeeeeee…of course.


There was a trip to the chiropractor in there somewhere too.  Let me just say that yoga is totally helping.  It’s been three weeks since I saw him, and even though I ended up missing my usual yoga this week I still had a better adjustment than normal.  Definitely on to something here! 

Definitely need to put that on the list of priorities for my return to Victoria!!  Gym and yoga classes.

For lunch I wanted to keep it light but still filling.  I knew I had another big dinner tonight but didn’t want to be starving when I arrived.  So I used up the stirfry leftovers from the other night on top of baby spinach…and added 1 oz of shredded old cheddar.


Stirfry Salad?


Odd but quite tasty!  And filling and fiberific.

Dinner wasn’t to be until 7:30 or later, so around 4:30 I made a snack of strawberries, the remainder of yesterday’s 2% yogurt cup and some granola…


This evening’s dinner was to celebrate my friend Cosette’s birthday.  She shares her birthday with her 7 year old daughter so we wanted to make sure she got a dinner of her own!  Funny enough, she uninvited her hubby and any boys…LOL…so it was just three of us gals!

We hit up the new location of OPA! at Dartmouth Crossing.  (There are now three OPA! in Halifax area.)  Nice bright room with lots of windows and beautiful furniture.  Very substantial chairs.  haha.


Started with wine…Lindeman’s Bin 50 Shiraz


x 2 over the evening.

We all blathered on and on but eventually ordered a couple of mezza plates to tide us through until we decided on our mains.  Tzatziki Dip and Kalamata Dip…both with the super yummiest grilled pitas ever.  Seriously.  I love their pita.

005 004

Honestly I could just order from their mezza plate menu all night.  I could give a hoot about a main meal and just order little plate after little plate.  However, that is neither cost effective nor figure friendly if everyone else orders their own meal, so I decided to just keep it simple and go for the Chicken Souvlaki.


With wicked awesome lemon potatoes and Greek salad


The nice part about ordering a large meal was that I have leftovers!!  :)

Sarah ordered the Scallop Souvlaki which sounded intriguing and she said was really good.


Typical of us girlies, we kept chatting and chatting and before we knew it we’d closed the place down.  Of course, that’s not hard to do when they close at 10pm, but still!!!


Coco, me, Sarah.  (ugh, lame picture quality!!)

Definitely need to squeak in some cardio to burn off all that pita and potato tomorrow.  Someone please lend me a machine that warps the space/time continuum because I don’t know how I’m supposed to accomplish everything I need to accomplish.

Yoikes!!  Ever feel like you need an assistant to handle your personal life?

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Liane said...

I think Greek food should be it's own food group that one is expected to eat every day. I love it so much!

As for a personal assistant, I would rather a personal hair stylist/make-up artist on hand 24/7! I'm horrible at doing my own hair and makeup so that would help destress me!

Jenny said...

I love greek potatoes!! the whole meal looks awesome. I didn't know that there was an Opa in Dartmouth crossing, I'll have to check it out!

Anonymous said...

I've heard such great things about Opa but have never been. I should get on that since they're in my neck of the woods. <-- haha that was a totally hickish thing to say wasn't it? :)

Kim said...

Wow! You look about 16 in that picture! How cute are you!

I've never really had Greek food... the pics look tempting!

Heather said...

I love OPA, they have the BEST stuffed Mushrooms ever!

Jaime said...

Lynn: Opa makes the best tzatziki and pita bread EVER.

Kim: I heart you. 16!! hahahaha. mwah.

Heather: Good to know! I usually covet the stuffed mushrooms at any restaurant, but have never tried theirs.