Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hold That Thought

So this morning I made yet another piece of Steady Eddie toast with PB and Supercrack…and thought to myself how bored my poor readers would be.


Same old, same old.

Although I did add a mug to the Starbucks collection here at home this weekend…


Then a little later I ate leftover pizza for lunch, and again thought about my poor readers having nothing exciting to read about…


Ha.  And then Arron came home to finish packing the last of the crazy amounts of stuff he needs for six months in Africa.  You know… 5 litres of hand sanitizer, water purifier, sweat wicking socks.  Exciting things like that.

Um, and then he checked his flight.  And now I have something to blog about that is more interesting than last night’s leftovers.


Effing hell.  Not that I was trying to chase him out the door but after the two years it’s taken to get to this point and then the four weeks of mad-dashing around to get prepared for the early departure…well, this is just a kick in the balls.  Sorry, but it’s true.

Relationship emotions aside…the amount of anxiety he’s got built up over this is just going to grow and sit in his belly for another week.  So unfair.  And now I’ll have to prepare to say goodbye all over again next weekend.


They had to rebook him for a week from now because there’s only one flight per week that goes into Khartoum (I know you are all shocked because you totally thought it was a lovely tourist destination…haha) and apparently they won’t try to find him a flight that could get him to his Frankfurt connection via somewhere other than London. 

It’s English airspace that’s the problem.  All that silly ash just hanging out and delaying everything. 

Mother Nature strikes again.

So in lieu of the Cosmopolitan I could use right now I’m sipping water.  And in lieu of Cheetos or some other such snack, I’m eating grapes.


I think the world is spinning backwards or something.

See…even the cat is confused.  


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Kait said...

I'm so sorry, that is awful! Good luck as the new flight time approaches in a week.
And no worries about the "boredom" eats, I think I post a bowl of cereal everyday...not even sure why I take new pictures every day since they always look the same. You're toast sure does look delicious though!

Have a great day despite all the difficulties whirling around!

misssarahlou said...

Sorry to hear things arent working out...hopefully the ash will be gone by next week (fingers crossed for you!) Itll all work out in the end :o)

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

So sorry that his flight was cancelled. It's such a mess all over there right now!

I too having boring eats sometimes!

Nicole said...

Sorry the flight was canceled. I hate traveling anxiety and I'm sure it is even worse when you are pushed back an entire week. Hopefully he will take off safely next week!

tash said...


sarah said...

Ugh! That sucks!! I am so sorry. *hugs*

On a happier note, your cat is super cute!!

Shrinking Jen said...

That volcano is an ash-hole. Great job not turning to the cheetos!!!

Liz @ lizrunsdc said...

I was thinking about you today and was wondering how you were dealing with everything...but now it's even worse that it's being dragged out :(

Hang in there girl! Your cat looks like she is ready to cuddle with you if you need her

Kim said...

Yuck! That stinks! I hope it somehow magically ends up being a blessing... like best week ever? Ugh. Sorry!