Friday, April 09, 2010

It’s 5:00 somewhere!

Oh wait!  It’s 5:00 here!!  :) Oh, and it’s Friday!

I think I’ll celebrate with a cocktail Blueberry Clif Kids Zbar


After Tuesday’s booze reaction I think I’ll stick with granola bars for tonight.  :)

Sorry for the lack of posting last night.  My plans for working out and being productive promptly changed when I decided to watch a bit of the Sex and the City movie…um, and then pretty much didn’t get up off the couch.  Whooops. 

Dinner was a third sammich.  Apparently yesterday was impromptu sammich day!


I reheated leftover gravy and thin sliced pieces of pork loin and layered those on some lightly toasted whole wheat bread with grainy dijon mustard and a light schmear of light mayo…


Served with gravy for dipping.

And I tried to make a root veggie pancake of sorts, but wound up with more of a reheated scramble…


I thought the veggies would stick together but alas…  :)

Dessert was a serving of Nanaimo Bar Fro-Yo


Followed by a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother - Season 1.  Sadly I fell asleep in the middle of the season finale!!  I’ll be watching that tonight for sure.  I think I had a random dream about Barney after that…haha.

This morning I was all excited to try the Tropical Avocado Smoothie that Jessica posted on her blog (How Sweet it Is) a couple of days ago.  I picked up coconut milk yesterday and already had everything else on hand.


Wow.  Who knew you could blend avocado into a drink and enjoy it?!  It created a rich, creamy and deeeeelish smoothie.  The only addition I made was a tiny drizzle of honey for a bit of added sweetness, but other than that it was super yum!  I would definitely make it again.

IMG_4144IMG_4147 IMG_4143

It was also incredibly filling.  I sipped on it for the better part of 45 minutes, and wasn’t even really hungry a few hours later when lunch rolled around.  But I had an empty peanut butter jar…AND it’s ugly outside…so you just know I had to make…OIAJ!!

Oats in a Jar for those of you going “huh?”.  :)


Oats in a Jar were created by Kath to help make sure to get the last smidge of nut buttery goodness out of “almost empty” jars.  Waste not, want not!

My oats were super-powered todayUVAB, water, frozen banana, whole oats, cinnamon, flax meal, hemp seeds, raisins, peanuts, and mini-chocolate chips…



So tonight will either be a nice healthy dinner and mini-workout at home…OR…potentially a not so healthy pub-style dinner with my long lost high school friend that’s in from out of town.  I have early morning yoga planned tomorrow so no late night for me…but I wouldn’t mind some yummy pub food…hmmmmmm. 

Happy Friday!!

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Anonymous said...

I feel the smoothie would benefit from some Captain Morgan.

I think that might be my plan for tomorrow night ;)

NSGIRL said...

I have an Avacado here that I don't really know what to do with & I LOVE anything Coconut...seems like a must try to me! Thanks for sharing!

Julie, The Accidental Fat Chick said...

Avocado & coconut... might just have to try that; sounds like an interesting combo of flavors. :)

Cici said...

my housemate drinks avocado smoothie every morning..I must try it now it must be yum. Love 'how i met your mother' too..just wait you'l love the next few seasons..barneys one liners are genius! 'suit up!' hehe :) x

Anonymous said...

Mmm I've seen that avacado smoothie around and have been wanting to try it but to be honest was a little put off by it. Can you taste the avacado?

Lex said...

I'm not a HUGE avocado fan (texture thing) but I'm intrigued of it being in a smoothie. Interesting!

Anonymous said...

I am definately trying that smoothie this week!

Kim said...

That smoothie AND the oatmeal made my stir fry feel like a chump! They look great!

Anonymous said...

I met a couple from Brazil a number of years ago and they said that in Brazil avocados were always used to make desserts. They had never seen an avocado used as a savory.