Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Light Weight

So I had a fantabulous visit with my buddy Phil, but somehow got totally wrecked off my bum!  Three drinks in over three hours and I was drunkity drunk!  LOL.  I ate a proper dinner of pork roast leftovers before I went, but I guess the fact that I don’t really drink much any more is catching up with me. 

That’s not necessarily a bad thing! 

Needless to say I needed 83057392 hours of sleep and about double that amount of water to shake off the feeling this morning.

I skipped making coffee and went straight for a full bottle of H2O to start my day.  I needed to get some food in my belly too…so grabbed one of the crumpets Arron left in the fridge and toasted it up with some PB and Superfruit Spread


With half of this incredibly juicy and deeeeelish Mineolo Tangerine

IMG_4087 IMG_4089

So yum.  I felt almost human again after breakfast.

I got a bit of work done and stood under a glorious hot shower for a bit, then headed off to massage therapy.  Things are feeling pretty stiff after the yard sale this past weekend, but all of the recent yoga certainly seems to be helping.  My RMT was quite pleased with how things went today, so yay! for that!

I chugged another bottle of water on the way home…I need super-extra-heavy-duty hydration today to make sure to flush out all of those extra toxins I built up last night.  I did grab a latte to enjoy once I got home too…


For lunch I made a quick salad…needs me some leafy greens


Spinach, carrots, kumato tomatoes, and the leftover roasted broccoli…


With maple-balsamic vinagrette


And a side of protein.  Turkey wrapped pickles, hummus and pita chips…


Tonight is yoga night!  Nice.  Massage and yoga on the same day.  Combined with my late night last night…I’m gonna sleep like the dead tonight! *fingers crossed*

Do you find you’ve become a booze lightweight since getting older, or cutting back, or since you’ve become healthier?

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Jessica said...

I can't have ANY booze or I get woozey... Dave and my first date, I drank 1 glass of wine and I was SOOO drunk.. lol.. he still laughs about how I almost fell off the dock (at Painter's lodge) haha...

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

I've definitely become a lightweight in the drinking department. Who knew there'd be economic benefits to losing weight?

Liane said...

It depends on the kind of alcohol... although in general I'm much more of a light weight then I used to be!

Stacy L said...

Yup. I had one glass of red wine at Easter and felt like complete crap the next day. Used to be able to polish off a whole bottle with no problems!

Anonymous said...

I am definately a light weight compared to university. However I now drink more responsibly... I drink water between and decline shots whenever possible :)

Kim said...

nice eats today! simple, but it all looked so good!

Kelly Anderson said...

i think it was when i hit 30 that my ability to drink with the best of them took a nose dive. one lil bottle of bacardi mojito and it's dang near nappy time. which...i guess comes in handy when insomnia is lurking and i need to get sleepy pronto. always an upside i guess.

sarah said...

Yes, yes, and Yes. Now that I'm nearly 35 (OMG-I'm closer to 40 then I am 30 EEK!!) I do not recover well from a night of drinking at all. I can't drink like I did when I was nearly 300 pounds and when I am 150-watch out. 2 drinks and I'm plastered. And I get crazy. Ha. Hubby finds it funny-I find it sad because I a a waste the next day. But you had fun so that is all that matters, right?


Anonymous said...

Girl, I get tipsy after a half a glass of wine these days. So sad. LOL :) Sounds like a fun night out was exactly what you needed though.

Laura said...

I had a few drinks at my going away a few weeks ago & had head spins after a few glasses of cheap champagne. i was so unimpressed.

Drink your water & you'll be perfectly fine.

i'm stealing your salad!

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