Thursday, April 22, 2010

Margarita Toes

So apparently not having my laptop on hand makes me a bad night time blogger.  Sorry gang!  Farm girl has my computator on a road trip but she’s coming home soon.  :)

Since I didn’t have my weekly conference call yesterday I decided to spare an hour and run out for a mani/pedi.  I’ve gotten kind of lazy about doing these things myself, but I’ve also realized I really enjoy the me-time and brief pampering session when I’m having a particularly stressful time.


(That’s Strawberry Margarita OPI for anyone that’s curious.)

Before I left, I ate half of this super deeeelish hummus and veggie sammich


Steady Eddie bread with hummus, light cheddar, cucumber, red onion, carrots, and a big ol’ handful of baby spinach…

IMG_4955 IMG_4957 

Soooo yum!  Hummus and cheddar were totally meant to be together!

I ate the other half when I got home.  I was famished.  In fact, I really wanted an iced coffee while I was out but decided that the mani/pedi was treat enough so I skipped the coffee and came home…but I realized almost immediately I should have bought it because I was trying to cure the craving with everything else in the house!

As soon as I finished the sandwich I also ate a bowl of grapes and a blueberry bran Vitamuffin


I tried sipping on water, but 30 minutes later I was digging through the pantry again.  I settled on a dish of Cinnamon Sugar In Snax Pita Crisps…they did the job well enough.  Nom!


After work I debated between the gym and yoga.  Since Katie and Lex couldn’t make it to yoga I thought I might just go do some cardio…but in the end I decided on yoga because I didn’t make it to any classes at all last week.

Holy hell, could I tell I took a week off!!  I was sweating like crazy, could NOT find my breath, and my quads just were not into the practice at all.  I pushed myself really hard though so I felt really good when I left. 

Must not skip a week again!!

It was quite late when I got home so I settled on a quick salad and garlic cheese bread for dinner.  The bread wasn’t the best choice, but I figure I earned the calories.  :)


Simple salad:  baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, baby cucumbers, carrots, raisins, EVOO & balsamic splash


These little discounted treats may have made their way into my shopping basket as well.  Um, danger danger danger!!  Unbaked PB & chocolate deliciousness.  Like a raw Haystack Cookie…only peanut buttery.  Seriously crack-like. 

IMG_4975 IMG_4977

This morning I definitely need a workout to recover from my workout.  Plans include a walk around the neighbourhood in the sun and a late afternoon trip to the gym for some weights and cardio.  And get this!… I’m actually cooking dinner!  Ha!  It’s been a while.

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Claudia said...

I'm almost embarrassed to say that I've never had a mani/pedi... and I'm 37!! Yes I know I should really treat myself.
Love that color! thanks for posting the name I was so going to ask you for it.

Kim said...

I've never had one either... I don't like my feet. ha! LOVE that color! So cute!

sarah said...

I hate having my feet touched. But they so need a mani like you would not believe. They are so bad right now. I love the color you picked.

I am so going to have a hummus and cheddar sammy for dinner tonight. Thanks for the idea.

I can't buy Vita tops anymore. I have eaten 3 in 2 days. Not good for me. Or the tummy

Cat said...

You have pretty toes...I wonder how many creepo's will find your blog now by googling 'pretty feet'

eww. *Shudder*

Looks like a yummy day! You earned your cheesy bread.

Jaime said...

haha Cat. creepy.

Anonymous said...

Where did you get your nails done? i'm looking for a place in the HRM.