Monday, April 12, 2010

No Free Passes

Awww, thanks for all of the lovely support on this morning’s confessionalYou guys know you are all a bunch of enablers right?  haha.  Almost everyone gave me a pass stating “it’s only one weekend” (I actually said it had been three weeks of eating snacks in bed) or “it’s OK because I’m going through a rough time” (I am actually quite fine…but this is scarily similar to my previous life as a single person at which time I was unhealthy and relatively inactive). 

Don’t give me a pass!  Kick my arse and remind me to treat my body right, feel good, and take care of me!  :)

Of course today has gone along just the way it should.  (It’s still early…check with me at bedtime, right?!).  It’s a work day though…it’s all about structure and routine.

Coffee…didn’t even finish my second cup.  Too dehydrated. 


Straight onto the sippy cup of water.  Today is totally a #waterlogged kind of day.  2 litres in and I think it’s finally working.  The potty trips are fewer and fewer now…meaning my body is actually absorbing the water.  Yay!

Breakfast was the last serving of Liberte Greek yogurt with half of a perfectly ripe banana, a drizzle of honey, and a small serving of granola


And a plate of canteloupe


My out of town friend has borrowed my car to head off to do some sight-seeing so my workout will be a do-it-myself at-home routine.  The sun is still hanging around so I’m off for a walk-jog in the fresh air, which I’ll follow up with some Booty Camp Fitness DVD action because my buns and abs are feeling sorely neglected.

I’m just waiting for lunch to finish digesting…


Dinner is going to be lean meat and veggies, so I allowed myself some carby love for lunch.  The last serving of Chicken Pot Pasta tossed with the last of the leftover Mashed Root VeggiesFiberific comfort food.  Possibly one of the most unappetizing photos I’ve ever posted.  LOL. 


Three cheers for Mondays!! (OK, that might be a bit much… *grins*)

Anyone else have anything they want to confess?

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Cat said...

I think people just don't want to beat you up about something you already feel bad about....

I still think that for the most part you've lead a fairly balanced diet over the past few weeks. Sure the cheetos aren't an awesome choice, but it could have been a lot worse (like my post-break up diet of pizza or nothing.) Just keep your lovely head in the game, and remember some of the good choices you made along the bumpy road.

You know you've slipped up a bit, and you also know how to fix that, and clearly already have.

I think it's brave to come clean about what's been going on food-wise and your blog readers are always going to support you to hop back on the wagon, no matter how many times you fall off.

Here is my friendly kick in the behind! No more cheetos my lovely, tall blonde friend!!


Bella (Stilettos on the Streetcar) said...

The important thing is that you recognized you were slipping before it was a total landslide. Get rid of those Cheetos! What are they even made of? You don't want that in your body. :)

No passes here, but lots of support. We've all had that day when we realize we've been eating junk. I remember a day when I an entire Deep n' Delicious cake in one sitting. I didn't taste it. I didn't feel good about it. And I haven't done it since.

Congratulations on your confession and your fresh start today.

My confession? I've been having more bites, tastes, and licks lately. I need to cut back on those single Mini Eggs or handful of chips. They add up... even if I don't write them down.

Shrinking Jen said...

I ate FIVE granola bars in the middle of the night last night when I woke up hungry.

And as I side note... I went to post this and realized I wrote "I hate FIVE granola bars...". Can we say total Freudian slip?? Yes, the guilt is still haunting me.

This too shall pass... you'll find your groove again! We all go through periods where we struggle... I think you're doing well to get back on track already! Good luck breaking the midnight snacking... it's not easy!! BUT, you're a tough cookie and can do it!

Anonymous said...

Bedtime snacking is my downfall. There is nothing I love more than snacking and reading in bed - frozen grapes, cheerios, easter eggies ... does not matter. I've been trying not to eat anything after dinner and it's helping. If I'm snacky I just make a yummy dessert tea or something.