Sunday, April 04, 2010

One Girl’s Treasures

Turns out I kind of liked having a yard sale! 

It forced me out of bed early on a Saturday, helped get our garage organized, had me outside for the better part of the day, and made me a few dollars.


At first I was grumpy because even though my ad said “no early birds PLEASE” I had a few crazies show up early.  Like, um, sitting in their car across the street an hour early.  And when I started setting up a lady was trying to help me and riffling through my boxes until I point blank told her to leave.  How rude! 

But once I poured my coffee and got going, it was nice. 


I was smart and prepared a breakfast cookie the night before.


Oats, chocolate protein powder, hemp seeds, flax meal, Dark Chocolate Dreams, banana, and coconut.  Deeeeelish!


Soon my friend Cosette came along with Starbucks


And we snacked on some strawberries…


She kept me company, bought a few things for herself and totally worked her ass off helping me sort through all of the boxes in our garage.  We separated all of my stuff from Arron’s stuff and I now have LOTS of stuff to sell next time! 

We were crazy thirsty from all the work and the warm weather that finally arrived!  I pulled out the last two bottles of SmartWater I received from Glaceau


After packing everything away, we headed out for a late, late lunch.  We were both craving something substantial, so we opted for The Armview!


They make really good fish and chips so I figured the Haddock Burger would be tasty too.  It did not disappoint…

IMG_8761IMG_8762 IMG_8763

Cosette actually had to head off to work after all of that…boooo…so I made a pit stop at the supermarket and headed home.  I bought myself flowers…


And a tub of Chapman’s Nanaimo Bar Frozen Yogurt

IMG_3958 IMG_3960

I’m not much of an ice cream person (except when I am!) but this is yummy.  Custardy ice cream with little brownie bites and crunchy bits.  Not sure that I would guess it was Nanaimo Bar, but it’s tasty nonetheless!

I spent part of the evening sorting a few more boxes and discovered some hidden treasures from my youth…

IMG_3965 IMG_3966

I actually went to Disneyland when I was 21. I tried flipping these so you could read the words, but my face looked ridiculous!

My diary from 1994!  haha. 

IMG_3970 IMG_3973

And this GORGEOUS picture of my Mama from 1967.  Love that hairdo!!


Because dinner was very early I needed a little snack while watching TV, so I dipped into the last of the Lemon Liberte and a few unpictured pita chips


and then zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  The busy day took a whole lotta energy!

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Julie said...

Ok seriously, I am thinking I will go up for your next yard sale... You seem like you have good taste in stuff.

I love the Kurt Cobain page in your diary.

I need to research the Armview, never been but looks yummy.

Jessica said...

I had a huge poster of that little boy up in my room (with the roses!!)

So sweet!!

Glad you made some bucks!! It's amazing what kind of people yard sales bring out hey? hahahha

Katie said...

I'm glad your yard sale was such a success. Let me know when your next one is. I'll try to stop by and see what your selling.

I've never been to the Armview before but now you having me craving fish and chips. Yum!

Lex said...

I LOVE finding my old stuff in boxes. When I moved, MOST of my stuff was left at home (then I think the cat peed on my stuff..... boo) so when I go home I try to sift through my stuff to reminisce.

Lainey said...

Cosette sounds like a great friend! :o)

Lainey said...
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Anonymous said...

1. Jason wants to know where you got that Nanaimo Bar Froyo?

2. I love all your hidden treasure, so much fun. I've gone back through a few of my diaries from when I was teenager and they always crack me up. ;) What a gorgeous shot of your Mom too!

jaime said...

I love a good yard sale - as long as someone else can set it up for me :) This was a reminder that I should actually plan my own yard sale and get rid of everything in our basement. It would be nice to have that cleaned out....

Anonymous said...

Love your Kurt Cobain page!

Anonymous said...

Cool that you got all organized with the yard sale AND bought yourself flowers.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your diary with the Kurt Cobain entry. I found my old junior high and high school diaries recently and they were PAINFUL to look through.

I think you should post a page from the diary with every blog entry! Ha!

Jocelyn said...

cute hats ;)

I know some garage sale people who are crazies. They go every Saturday veryyyy early in the morning. I have never figured out why!