Thursday, April 29, 2010



I actually received this card from Ali but the photo seems perfectly fitting for thanking all of you lovely people for your supportive comments, emails and Tweets.  I have been overwhelmed by the number of you that reached out with virtual love and hugs…for both me and Arron.  We both truly appreciate it. 


He has arrived safely in Khartoum.  “it’s surreal…and hot”. 


I took yesterday off from blogging, and kind of from life in general.  Work was hectic so that kept me busy.  I wisely planned a massage appointment, so that was a hour of me-time during which I managed to turn my brain off for a little bit (of course, I also managed to get tears in my eyes a few times too!).  I drank a lot of Starbucks, ate a lot of junk, and really didn’t take much care of myself…and honestly enjoyed every minute of it.

Sometimes candy treats do make everything better! 


(10 x a bazillion)

Around midnight I decided enough was enough and tidied the kitchen, cleaned out the fridge, made a bigass Greek salad and filled all of my water bottles for today.  I went to sleep feeling prepared for a brand new day.  :)


And woke up still feeling prepared and ready to tackle life.

Breakfast was tough…my poor tummy just wasn’t interested in food but I knew I needed to get that healthy stuff into my body.  Liberte vanilla Greek yogurt with thawed raspberries, 1/2 banana, and 1/4 cup granola…

IMG_5330 IMG_5322

Coffee to go…as I ran off to the chiropractor…and to sign off on my taxes…


Man, paying someone else to do my taxes this year was one of the best decisions I’ve made.  I cannot imagine having to do them myself while going through all of this personal shiz!

When lunchtime rolled around I was soooo happy that I had prepped that salad last night.  Not only did I save a bunch of time, but the tomatoes were all marinated in the dressing…yum!

In the big silver bowl: baby cucumbers, tomato, orange peppers, red onions, light Feta, Greek seasoning, EVOO, lemon juice.


To serve I spooned a big serving of the mixed salad goodies over some fresh spinach


And added a big scoop of navy beans and fresh ground pepper…


Served with a side of In Snax pita crisps and the last tiny dollop of hummus…

IMG_5340 IMG_5337

I can feel my insides cheering and thanking me for the veggie overload.  :)  That spinach is already perking me up!

Oh…and what did cheer me up yesterday?  The arrival of my cute new t-shirt from fANNEtastic Anne!!  When I saw her put these up for sale I just had to have one. 


Now maybe people won’t look at me quite as funny when I pull my camera out at lunch?  :)

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Anonymous said...

All the healthy stuff looks great (except maybe the thawing raspberries which look fluorescent). Perfect T-shirt for you!

Kim said...

That shirt is adorable! And that salad is amazing! Seriously... I need to start going for some big ass salad in my life!

Anne P said...

LOVEEEE the shirt! :)

Scott from YourInnerSkinny said...

YOU'RE WELCOME! And if you need a real hug, you know where I am and we can do a Subway date whenever you need!

Erica Sara said...

Sometimes you just need to let everything go to come back stronger. My mouth is watering over your salad in the silver bowl- YUM!
Be well :)

Christine@Grub, Sweat and Cheers said...

Love the t-shirt!

Those look like some nourishing yet comforting eats...hope everything brightens for you a bit.

Katie said...

Awesome shirt!

And I definitely agree that sometimes candy treats make everything better. :)

Christy said...

Totally loving the shirt! Its so you!!

+1 on candy making everything better ;)

NSGIRL said...

Love the shirt! It's perfect for you!

Kara Hadley said...

I am a firm believer in the healing power of a day of indulgence. I hope it helped. And I know you'll make it through everything.

Laura said...

I always get looks when I photograph my food, love that shirt.

Your food looks AMAZING as always