Thursday, April 08, 2010


So lovely and sunny today!  I hope that means the predictions of rain for the weekend are wrong!!

This morning I enjoyed my sunny office with my cuppa joe…


Then made a quick breakfast sammy for the road.  I finally turned the trunk full of recyclables in to the depot (wooT! $9 for the road trip fund!! haha).

Dark Chocolate Dreams PB with sliced banana on toasted sourdough…

IMG_4120 IMG_4121

I then dropped my car off to have the Winter tires swapped off.  Yay for Spring!  So glad to have my pretty rims back on my car.  Winter rims are fugly!!  I walked home about 20 minutes in the lovely sunshine.  Bliss!

At home I got back to work and got into a zone.  Come 3:00 (!!!) I realized I was starving.  Um ya…lunch!!  Another sammich of sorts was created.

Kind of a quesadilla really.  With light cheddar, turkey, spinach, hummus, and salsa…

IMG_4122 IMG_4123 IMG_4124

Smushed and grilled on the Cuisinart Griddler


Served a scoop of Greek yogurt to help take the fire out of the salsa.  I’m kind of a sissy.  LOL.


Another walk back to pick up my car right quick here…yay!  And then I think  trip to the gym for a proper cardio and strength training session.  Not sure if you noticed, but I’ve cut back on my working out in lieu of more yoga and me-time.  Not that gym time isn’t me-time, but my me-time usually involved staying up late and sleeping until the last possible minute…thus creating a lack of time for the gym outside of work.

I’m OK with that!  I was a bit overzealous with my workout plans last month, so this month I’m tackling things realistically and so far it’s all just fine.  Balance is the key after all, now isn’t it?!

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Shrinking Jen said...

Oh that quesadilla looks scrumptious!!

Yay for spring is right!!!! I even got a little colour on my face on the weekend!

Shrinkabootie said...

Hey lovely,

Just wanted you to know I tried all three of your Pork Loin concoctions tonight and mentioned your blog and your recipes on my blog giving credit where credit is due. Love seeing all your photos. I have coffee mug envy big time.

Kim said...

That breakfast sandwich made my mouth water! YUMM!

Jaime said...

Thanks girls!