Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Steady She Goes

This evening I tackled my first non-yoga gym workout in like four weeks!  Or something like that.  A while anyway.

Normally Wednesdays are yoga night but since my yoga buddies couldn’t make it I took the night off too.  It worked out because I had to have Donnie at the airport for 5ish so this way I just hit the gym on my way home instead of going out for yoga later.

I did a 15 minute treadmill run to warm-up then tackled pretty much all of Day One of Intro to Iron.  Thankfully I haven’t lost too much strength during the break from weight training.  I did skip the pushups though!  Added in a few extra sets of ab work instead. 

When I got home I was actually still full from the pig sammich and comfort pasta we had for lunch, but it had actually been like 5 hours so I figured I needed to eat after my workout.

Greek-ish Salad


Spinach, baby cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion, carrots, yellow peppers, light feta cheese, capers, Greek seasoning and EVOO.


With the last of the hummus and a few Wasa crackers


I actually ate (devoured!  turns out I was hungry after all!) at my desk while catching up on some of the work that I missed while I was off galavanting around Peggy’s Cove yesterday.  When I finished I came downstairs for dessert.

Finally got my hands on some Silver Hills bread here in Halifax!  Sadly, Planet Organic was sold out of Squirrelly but they did have Steady Eddie in stock so I decided to try it out.


Baked with sprouted grains just like all of their other products…this one is sweetened with organic apples.  Dense and chewy and totally deeeeelish with peanut butter and Crofters


I’m so happy that the Silver Hills people got in touch with Planet Organic for me.  I might be leaving town, but I have now introduced Halifax to my favourite breads!  :)  Yes, that’s right! I’m patting my own back.  hehehehehe.

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Bella (Stilettos on the Streetcar) said...

The Silver Hills bread is fantastic. Steady Eddie is my favourite so far, although I haven't been able to get my hands on Squirrelly either. It seems to be sold out everywhere!