Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Almost There

Sooooo close to being caught up on the posting.  I’m not a fan of being three days behind!  And I’m certain it’s annoying for you all to read.  Good news is, I’m heading home to Halifax on Friday so things should be back to normal by Sunday.  Bad news is, 20 condos viewed and I haven’t bought one.  Ugh.

Monday was actually back to work for me.  Yes I have a coolio job that can be done from anywhere with an internet connection…well almost anywhere…but definitely Mom’s kitchen table.  :)

Look at the supah cute coffee mug I discovered in her cupboard…


Filled with Starbucks Cafe Verona and a splash of chocolate milk.

I’m a bad girl and didn’t have breakfast.  Working away with my coffee and water…next thing I knew it was like 11am!  I’m so out of my routine!!  So I had leftover Chinese Food


Um, and a deeeeelish chocolate from RogersEmpress Square…caramel and almonds in milk chocolate.  Oh, you would have eaten it too!!

IMG_9115 IMG_9118

Oh look!  Fruit!!


After work Mom and I headed out for our annual steak dinner in celebration of her birthday.  Nom!  Her birthday isn’t until Thursday but since I’m travelling we had to do it a bit early.  This year we opted for The Keg.


Keg Size Caesars to start…

IMG_9120 IMG_9121

Deeeeelish Keg bread (although they seem to have changed it slightly…still warm and fabulous though)…


I opted for my all time fave appetizer…Mushrooms Neptune.  I used to order this and salad bar as a meal when I was a kid.  :)


Mom’s crazy MASSIVE Shrimp Cocktail


Keeping up with my rich and decadent theme, I chose the Steak Oscar for dinner.  Yup, sirloin covered in bearnaise sauce with shrimp, scallops, and asparagus.  With garlic mashed potatoes because it wasn’t rich enough already!

IMG_9129  IMG_9128

Mom opted for the Blue Cheese Filet…by the description she expected just a bit of cheese and garlic broiled atop the steak, but it came as more of a “puff”.  Tasty, but overwhelming.  Still a filet mignon under there though!


We also shared the asparagus and sauteed mushrooms.


Finished with decaf coffee and then seriously almost waddled out of there.  I took leftovers but I still felt like I’d packed away two days worth of food!!


There may or may not have been birthday Blizzards consumed later that night.  :)  You’ll never really know.

Fun fact:  The reason we like steaks at The Keg is mainly because they are one of the only restaurants that can do a proper Chicago style steak – seared dark on the outside, cooked to order on the inside.  In my case, medium-rare in the middle because with the Chicago outside the middle still keeps cooking.  It’s the bestest!!

Meat eatershow do you like your steak?

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Kara Hadley said...

chinese leftovers for breakfast...a girl after my own heart.

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Your mom sounds so cool...I can't imagine mine going to see Ironman 2 or having a Keg-sized caesar! Your mom rocks!

It looks like you're having a fun time :)

Anonymous said...

I order exactly what you ordered from the Keg... now I want to go! :)

I love my steak medium rare.

Good luck on finding a new home.

MoraPiggy said...

Mushrooms Neptune from the Keg!!! I havn't had them in so so long. Looks just the same as it did years ago.

Cat said...

Mike's parents always used to bring me those delicious squares of chocolately goodness.