Sunday, May 16, 2010

Brewery Market

So after one last vacation cheeseburger with Tiffaney at the airport, and maybe some peanut butter M&M’s for an airplane snack…I landed in Halifax on the right healthy foot.

Since my flight arrived at 7am, Cosette and I went for a quick breakfast and then hit up the huge Farmer’s Market at the Keith’s Brewery.  I mean, after 7 hours of travel with 1 hour of sleep…what better way to start a Saturday?  :)


I had $20 in my pocket and decided to just see what fun stuff I could get…


On my list:  carrots, tender leafy spinach, baby mixed greens.

Fun finds:  fiddleheads!  kale buds!!  striped radishes!


And oatmeal molasses bread from Julien’s Bakery


After a hot shower and a long nap (including a major cuddle with my poor kitty that seemingly thought I wasn’t coming back!) I finished filling the fridge and pantry with fresh, healthy groceries.

IMG_5562 IMG_5563 IMG_5564 IMG_5565 

I think that’s my favourite part of coming home. Restocking the groceries.  Nom!

Also exciting was making a yummy, healthy dinner.  It’s always nice to eat out and take a break from “having” to cook but I was happy to be back in my kitchen.

Simple BBQ’d Salmon on a Bigass Salad:


Small salmon filet, dressed with a simple marinade of: olive oil, grainy dijon mustard, drizzle of real maple syrup, dill, salt & pepper

Cooked in a loose foil tent on a med-hot BBQ grill for about 15 minutes. 

Served over a fresh and delicious salad…dressed lightly with the same marinade. 

IMG_5579 IMG_5580 IMG_5582

I’m back, baby!  :)

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Becca said...

The radishes look so pretty in the salad, love that extra splash of colour.

Christina said...

Fiddleheads are my favorite and so many people have no idea what they are. I stock up because they are around for such a short time, I cook them a little then through them in the freezer, yummers!

Christina said...

hahaha throw and not I am amazing :-)

Anonymous said...

That salad's a beaut!

Now I want to go to the Farmer's Market. :-)

Laura said...

Yummy, I missed your salads jaime. yummers!