Thursday, May 13, 2010

Clear Skies

Well wouldya look at this…posting on the right day!  :)

Last night I did end up walking back to the mall for a late supper.  Toast just wasn’t going to cut it.  I admit, I didn’t make the best choice…chicken soft taco and Mexi fries…but it hit the spot and it could have been worse I suppose.

For dessert I savoured this Rogers creamCoconut.  Definitely my new favourite!

IMG_5503 IMG_5506

I was actually working until around 11pm, then crashed out on the couch for a bit and it was glorious.  Went to bed by midnight and slept pretty well…although all of this couch surfing, laptop working, and general stress and lack of activity have left me in desperate need of a massage and chiro treatment.  Since the day I took off I’ve had a stabbing pain in my ass that is stemming from somewhere around my sciatic nerve/joint and is actually aggravated from all the way up by my neck!!  Oh dear body, why do you hate me so?

The view from Nicole’s deck is pretty sweet on a clear day.  That’s Hurricane Ridge and the Olympic Mountains in Washington State you can see way in the distance…and there’s a cruise ship in at Dallas Road!  (well you can’t see the cruise ship in the picture, but I can see the stack from the window!)


As Nicole isn’t a coffee drinker (how do I keep staying with friends that don’t make coffee? gasp!) I took a nice walk to the mall this morning to get my misto on…


I made the conscious decision that I would find something healthy to eat for breakfast and lunch at the apartment today because my spending has been out of control…and I still have two more dinners out to deal with before I leave.

Pumpkin granola with skim milk…


Apple I brought from Mom’s…


2 hour conference call later and it was lunch time!  I’d been eyeing up Nicole’s cupboards and saw some tuna calling my name.  Mixed with a chopped dill pickle and squirt of light Miracle Whip…


She even has Squirrelly bread!  I told y’all…everyone on the West Coast loves themselves some deeeelish squirrellyness.  :)


With some baby carrots.  Never has my body been so happy to eat a fresh little carrot!


It’s gorgeous outside so I am going to tackle a little more work then hopefully head out for a walk around the block.  I need to move these aching muscles.  Working at a kitchen table and leaning down to use my laptop is not helping! 

Tonight I’m off for my favourite soup for dinner with Tiffaney and then we are going to finally meet Liane and JennyI’m excited!!

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Kristen @ Change of Pace said...

Whenever I used to visit my parents it was SO hard to find anything healthy to eat in their house... I'd end up eating peanuts or something! Sometimes it's just more comforting to eat out... You did a great job and were really creative :)

Jenny said...

Yahoo!! Can't wait to meet you all tonight!!

See you soon!!!

Liane said...

I just realized you post a lot of pictures on your blog.
This is making me reconsider the blogger meet up... I mean, pictures? really?!


Does this mean I have to put on make up and do my hair?!

Anonymous said...

My grandparents used to live at 416 Dallas Road, close to the pier and close to the cruise ships, too. So beautiful! I miss it so much (and them, too)! I hope you find a condo in your next post, which I am about to read right now!

Mikey said...

I have a big pain in the ass too, it's called my wife!

Nellers said...

Ugh sorry to hear about your sciatic pain! Mine is bothering the heck out of me! Except it goes in the opposite direction... from my hip to my ankle. :P I'm too young for this. HAHA! Hope you get to feel better!!