Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Condo Day

Even though my body thought it was 3am when I went to bed…it was really only around 11pm here…so I was able to actually get out of bed by 8:30am feeling pretty good yesterday.  I’ve made this trip enough times now that I can usually kick the jetlag in one sleep.  This trip seems no different…phew!

Tiffaney doesn’t brew coffee at home (gasp!) but she did hook me up with this crazy cute (green!) travel mug and Starbucks gift card to fuel me through my condo-hunting…

IMG_8880 IMG_8878 IMG_8879 IMG_8884

Isn’t it perfect?  What a friend, eh?  :)

So I did make a quick run up the block for a Starbucks caffeine fix…Grande Pike Place with one pump of hazelnut and some skim milk.  Yum.  I also made a quick stop at the supermarket for a few breakfast/snack essentials.

Bananas, apples, grapes, organic fat-free vanilla yogurt, and organic pumpkin granola.  Deeeeelish!

For a quick breakfast I made up a small bowl of yogurt and granola…and had planned on eating an apple, but ended up eating a banana instead.  I feel like bananas have more staying power.

IMG_8885 IMG_8886

I met my new realtor at the cafe just below Tiff’s condo, where he actually had a coffee waiting for me.  Nice, right?  Works for me!  I’m a 2 cup girl anyway.  :)

And then he and I set off on our whirlwind condo viewing day.  I’ll wait and do a full recap after I have more to tell, but we did see 9 units yesterday and although I don’t think I’ve found home yet there are a couple of potential contenders.

After the first four, we stopped for lunch.  I wish it hadn’t been a business lunch because the pizza I ordered was beautiful and would have made awesome blog food porn!

We went to Fifth Street Bar & Grill.  My pizza was on their daily special menu and included pulled pork, sliced red potato, roasted asparagus and a roasted garlic cream base.  It was to have banana peppers too, but I opted to skip those. 

It was deeeeeeeeeeeeeeelish!  Their crust is thin, crispy and just the way I like a gourmet pizza.  I ate about 3/4 of it and was perfectly satisfied.

We then set off for a few more hours of condo hunting and then he deposited me back at Tiff’s around 3pm so I could ponder the properties and relax for the evening.  I stopped back into the Cafe Fantastico when he dropped me off and opted for an unsweetened Iced Soy Latte…which really hit the spot…


With this I snacked on a Clif Bar I had been carrying around in my purse…


For dinner, Tiffaney offered to cook for me!  She has been telling me about her delicious Dirty Risotto for a long time so this time I took her up on it.  :)  She was totally right…super deeeeelish and comforting.  I was incredibly tired and only ate one serving but I could see totally sitting down with another bowl on a cozy couch night.  Yum!


I should have taken pictures of her actually cooking but I’m a little off my photography game right now.  The dish includes:  chorizo, pancetta, onion, red peppers, mushrooms, white wine, parmesan, chicken stock, etc… 


I must really try making risotto for myself.  It’s been on my “to cook” list forever!

Enjoyed a glass (or two) of white wine with dinner too…


Watched the Canucks lose in a terrible third period and then headed for bed by 11pm.  Took forever to fall asleep but now I think I’m solidly in the right time zone.  Actually got up at 8:30 again today even though I don’t really have anything on the go.  Ended up working for a few hours because of course our sales team had an awesome day on my first day off and I figured I’d help out now since I have some free time.  Nice, right?  :)

Anyway, time for a walk in the sun and wind.  Talk soon!

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Becca said...

Pictures are great, that risotto looks really good. I too have been wanting to try it, but haven't. I watch them making it on cooking shows - and to make it really yum you have to stand there and slowly stir in the liquid one ladle at a time.. very time consuming.

Cat said...

lol - I see Tiff still hasn't hung the pictures in her front entrance....

What a sweetheart. You're a lucky girl and so is she to have each other.

Good luck with the rest of the hunting. Keep me posted!

Kara Hadley said...

9 houses in 1 day?! You are Superwoman!
I hope you find home soon. G'luck with your continued searching.

Kim said...

Wow! That pizza sounds amazing!

I hope you find the right one... I hope you walk in the door and fall in love with it!